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Nautilus, Volume 85 

Eastern Nazarene College 

23 Kasl Elm Ave 
Quincy, MA 02170 

( lirisiiiui ("ficstini & 'Hilary (-^ufftifjficr 

,x ^ife fiefpecT me create the jlrst 


chapter of nry story with ^ou, 

ancf now Q have been avten 

another chapter to expire." 


Q ja6fe oj (Contents 

12 ^eniors 

42 faculty & g taff 



Fall Sports 
Winter*' Sports 
Spring Sports 

90 ("luh« & QryznWaHnnc 

128 S^ ial ^ 

T - 

- 3 - 

mental impression 
retained and revived 
from the past 


WtC is the coin of your life. 

eft is the OtllV coin ^ou have, 

and only yOVL can determine 

Fioav it AViff 6e spent" 

-Cart QandburQ 


- 6 ■ 


^^F^or the past twelve years Ruthanne Doucette 
t 1^ has been your official "greeter" as you enter the 
V^/ Commons. Ruthanne has shown a dedication to her 
work that has been exceptional over her many years of service. 
Her ability to learn your name within the first few weeks of 
school is a gift. Her smile, even on a lousy day, can give you a 
lift to face the rest of your day. Man% times you will see Ruth- 
anne talking to students while sitting in a chair beside her at 
the front desk. She has been given a gift to others with words 
of encouragement and kindness. There are some kitchen staff 
members who will often refer to her as their counselor, trying to 
gain some of her understanding about a certain situation. 

r i A eople come and go in this environment, as you all know, 
V 1^-/ but there are certain individuals who leave a 'mark" 

and I feel Ruthanne is one of those individuals. I would 
encourage each of you to introduce yourself to Ruthanne if you 
have not done so already, then you will see the "mark" that she 
will leave on your life. God has truly blessed ENC with people 
like Ruthanne Doucette. 

-Rick Harmon 
Director of Food Services 



c^ctter from the <ppreskfent: 


Today, in 2008, you are holding this yearbook as a monument to what you've accomplished in the last four years: 
completing intense assignments, making it to early classes, maturing beyond belief, maintaining a part-time job, not 
to mention packing your social calendars! 

You most likely have mixed feelings about graduation - I know I did when I graduated from college 30 years ago. I 
was excited to be going out into the world, but sad to leave behind the place that had become my home. You know 
ENC is the kind of place that you'll never find again: it's a whole institution dedicated to making your life better 
academically, professionally, personally, and spiritually. And intertwined with this preparation have been many 
individuals that have made investments in your life - faculty mentors, friends, your family, churches, and donors all 
prayed and provided for you. They have made it possible to be here, and they make it hard to want to leave. 

Twenty years from now, this yearbook will serve as a reminder of these four years that passed too quickly. You'll 
laugh at the pictures - in 2028, your hairdo and outfits surely will be funny! The yearbook will also transport you 
back to the place that not only prepared you for your job, but more importantly, prepared you for your life. What 
you received at ENC didn't stop when you stepped outside that classroom door. 

And it doesn't stop when you step off the campus. In May 2008, you become a part of a prestigious group: ENC 
graduates. They are people who have circled the globe working to make other's lives better academically, 
professionally, personally, and spiritually. They have passed along what was passed to them. We know you'll do the 
same. And we want to hear all about it! So please, come back to Homecoming, participate in alumni events; you'll 
never find another ENC and we'll never find another you. 

Though it doesn't seem like it now, the years between now and 2028 will fly by. My advice for navigating them: 
Make your plans, set your goals, dream big, pray hard, and continue to learn - ENC is the foundation for a life of 
learning, but live your life so committed to the Lord Jesus Christ that His plans become your plans, and His will 
becomes your will. His plans are more rewarding and fulfilling than anything you can imagine. 

Congratulations Class of 2008! 

President Corlis McGee 

• 11 ■ 


Katelyn Crouse 

director of finance: 
David Edmonds 

^\cfmin. Assistant: 
Jessica Berube 

Jeremy Hermann 

q^eg g^ife director: 
Jeremy Hueston 

gociaf (Jife director: 
Amy Penrose 



fetter from the Senior Class (President: 

Congratulations for all the hard work that you have put forth to come to this point in your 
life. Graduation is a time of celebration and it is a time to reminisce about the past four 
years of our lives. s 

Looking back on the years that have gone by - as a new class starts and an old one ends, 
we ponder upon what has brought us joy, and we think of our loved ones and our friends. 
Looking back at all the happy times, remembering how they enriched our lives, we reflect 
on who and what really counts. When I ponder on those who made that difference in my 
life, I think of all of you and the time we shared here at the "Naz." Thanks for being one 
of the reasons my experience here at ENC has been so awesome. Whether or not we realize 
it now, God has blessed each of us in so many ways - and he will continue to bless us after 
we graduate. 

Don't forget to thank those who have supported you, those who have invested both time 
and finances to help you, and those who loved you to help you make it through these four 
years. I pray that the Lord will do wonderful things in your lives. God bless. The Class of 
2008 is truly great!! 

give, gaufllt, & cjove, 

Katelyn Crouse 
> Jeremiah 29:1 1 

- 13 - 

Business Management 

Thanks to: JESUS- 1 wouldn't have 
done it without you! Mami, Papi, 
Jairo, Yulizabeth, Edgardo y Doug- 
las for your love & support. Lori 
Soares (You're like a SISTER), Mary 
Dunlavy (Thanks for your prayers 
& keeping me accountable), Theresa 
Birmingham (For Always Rocking my 
Socks), Yoonsun Hyun (I love you!), 
Andrea White (My Big Sister). I will 
miss YOU ALL. 

(Efisabetft (Qfirnard 

Business Management 

Activities: Sophomore Class Council, 
Student Government Association, 
Intramural Soccer, Contemporary 
Music Center 

Quote: "Go confidently in the direc- 
tion of your dreams. Live the life 
you have imagined." -Henry David 


Activities: Flag football (Team 
Dirdee), J-Term Basketball (Team 
Christmas), Indoor soccer, varsity 
Softball (Fr. Yr.) 


*L 1 

■ V 


^Jessica ^fyzrvbz 


Activities: Senior Class Council, SI 

Quote: "And when I look back & the 
day is done, the fact is-I had fun." 
Thank-you Jon for loving me & being 
so supportive of me. I love you! Mom 
& Dad, thank-you for all your support 
over the years. To my amazing friends, 
you have made my time here unforget- 
table, thank-you for everything. 

Christopher ^arron 


q^rook cgartfett 

Health Science 

Activities: tennis, Gospel Choir, cha- 
pel worship team 


^JTicrcsa ^inrtin^fiam 

English. Biology Minor 

Activities: Women of GRACE 
Chaplain 04-07 and President 07-08, 
Biology club, Running Club 

Quote/ Farewell: From freshmen 
year with Amanda, Kate, and Gen 
to "checking time" in Europe with 
Marilena and Lori to Chem with Sta- 
cey, and everything in between, I want 
to thank my friends and family for 
supporting me. You rock my organic 
cotton socks! 
"Be still." -Sarah 


Business. Comm. Arts 

Activities: Business Society. Substitute 
Mentor. Class Council. Warren Busi- 
ness Forum 

Quote: My time at ENC has been 
memorable, & I thank you for that. 
"Son keep'em coming these lines on 
the road. & keep me responsible be 
it a light or heavy load. And keep 
my guessing with these blessings in 
disguise. And I'll walk with grace, my 
feet. & faith, my eyes." 
-Caedmon's Call 

Ekmeniarx Education 

Activ ities: Powder Puff football (Team 
Dirdee). Indoor Soccer, Gospel Choir, 
Varsity Women's Soccer (Sr. year) 

Education: Special Needs. English 

Farewells: I'd like to thank my Mom, 
Dad. Bobby . Cole and the rest of my 
family for standing by me every step 
of the way, being my strength and in- 
spiration. I love you with all my heart. 

Quote: Jer. 29: 1 1 "For I know the 
plans I have for you." declares the 
LORD, "plans to prosper you and not 
to harm you. plans to give you hope 
and a future." 

Q^yan Qaihoun 

Psychology. Sociology. 
& Hnsiness 

Activities: Psi-Chi-President; Business 
Society- Vice President: Resident 
Assistant: Ski-Team- Vice President; 
Lab Assistant/S.I. 

Not Pictured 




Activities: Kickball (Team Hulkama- 
nia). Flag Football with Team Funky 
Bunch, 2nd Shields, White Castle 
Road Trip! 

Quote: I'll miss all my brothers from 
2nd Shields. Dagel, we've had some 
crazy times and I enjoyed every 
minute. All of my friends, Nate, Joe, 
Dags, Bryan, Garet, Rebo, Alicia, 
Lindell, Pat. ..I am going to miss all of 
you jabroni's! 

^\ftcia Qassettari 

Communication Art 


"The body can handle near anything; 
it's the mind that needs the training." 

Early Childhood Education 

Activities: Softball, Junior Class 
Council, Exec. SGA Admin Assistant. 

Quote/Farewells: To my friends (you 
know who you are) -Thanks for be- 
ing there and for all the good times. 
SGA- Thanks for an awesome year! To 
my family, Thanks for your support 
through the years. Ryan- 1 love you 
so much. 07/26/2008 "The future 
belongs to those who believe in the 
beauty of their dreams."- Eleanor 

^sftfey 'xTynn Qiark 


Activities: Gospel Choir, SGA, Social 
Work Advisory Board 

Quote/Farewells: Hebrews 13:2 
Thank you Eric, Mom & Dad. I love 
you all so much! Thank you for all of 
your love and support these past 3.5 
years. I'm so proud & blessed to have 
you in my life and family. 

Criminal Justice 

Activities: Being amazing. 

Farewells: First, I'd like to thank 
my family. Without your support & 
prayer, this would definitely not be 
possible. Love you! Then there are 
my pretty much amazing friends: 
road trips to Virginia, Cape Cod, New 
Jersey. Nightmare Before Christmas: 
Coincidence? Stupid USS Salem. 
Happy Times. Friends re-runs. 
PRISON BREAK! I love you all more 
than you will ever know! 

<Erin C ros fy 


Activities: Prayer Warriors, SI Leader, 
VPofPsi Chi 

Farewells: Thanks mom, dad, and 
Frannie for always believing in me 
and standing by me. Your support 
means the world to me and I couldn't 
have done it without you. To my 
friends, these years were fun and 
wouldn't have been the same without 
you! "I come alive when I see beyond 
my fears." -Jeremy Camp 

Not Pictured 


'ocial Work 

Activities: A Cappella, Chamber 
Singers, Fiji '05, Worship Team, Sum- 
mer Ministry '05 & '06, Choir Board, 
SASW, Class Council, Romania '08 

Quote/Farewells: Dad, Mum, Mike 
& Junior- Thank you for all your love 
and support. I couldn't have made it 
through these four years without you! 
I love you. * Jeremiah 29:1 1 

^Joseph Qiaudei 

Public Relations/Advertising. 
TV/Radio Broadcasting , 

Activities: JUMP 

Quote: To Laugh often and much; to 
win the respect of intelligent people 
and the affection of children; to earn 
the appreciation of honest critics and 
endure the betrayal of false friends; to 
appreciate beauty; to find the best in 
others; to leave the world a bit better; 
to know even one life has breathed 
easier because you have lived. This is 
to have succeeded. 

Not Pictured 

<Rae Cuffe 

Social Work 

Activities: SSJ, J-term basketball, 
small group Bible studies, Fusion 
mission trip 

Quote: John 1 0: 1 0b "I have come that 
they may have life, and have it to the 
full." I have experienced this fullness 
at ENC because of the people I've met 
who have helped expand my heart 
and mind. Thank you for teaching me 
about all life has to offer, and guiding 
me towards a life lived with God. 

■ 16- 

Qorxnne C urt is 

English: Writing 

Activities: Campus Camera News Edi- 
tor, '06 Viewbook 

Quote: "She felt almost as if she could 
hear the books whispering on the other 
side of the half-open door. They were 
promising her a thousand unknown 
stories, a thousand doors into worlds 
she had never seen before." 
-Cornelia Funke. Inkheart 

Q^errianne ( J)orseU 

Health Science 

Activities: Women's soccer, Shrader 
Club. Gospel Choir, 3rd Young R.A. 

Quote: To everyone that has made 
my four year experience here at ENC 
memorable and to those who have 
impacted my life whether large or 
small; Thank you. I enjoyed my time 
here but I can't wait to see my future. 

^Princess Q C D C 5J CSUS 

Biology. Chemistrv Minor 

Activities: Belize Trip. Hawaii/New 
Zealand Trip 


Farewells: I am glad that it's all finally 
over, but now that it's all done. I am 
really going to miss everyone, espe- 

Not Pictured 

cially G-HA! (a.k.a. Jia He) 

Psychology. Criminal Justice 

Quote: "I've assessed the situation, 
and I'm going." 

/\utumn (£)cscha\nc 

Elementan Education 

Memories: I will always remember... 
my freshman Willy girls, pink lady 
athletics, Jill's birthday video, "people 
of action," 2004 World Series, 
concerts. Transformed, embellished 
stolen street cones, car troubles on 
various occasions, four years of awful 
cafe food, three's company, never 
ending walks on Mass Ave, ceiling 
crumbs, and most of all my shuttle 
buddv <3. I will miss vou all dearly. 

^ennyson ( J)oane 


Activities: Pub Board, Spiritual Life 
Editor Campus Camera, SGA Student 
Ministries Organizer, Plunge Ministry 

Quote /Farewells: "Do not wait for 
wholeness to heal the wounded. It is 
often in treating the wounded that we 
discover that the Lord is attempting to 
work in us as well." 
Thanks to my family, my wonderful 
Jennie, and my friends for helping 
make me who I am. 

Courtney ^Doyfc 

Elementary Education 

Activities: Kinder Haus, JUMP 
Drama Ministry, and Open Hand, 
Open Heart 

Quote: "Now faith is being sure of 
what we hope for and certain of what 
we do not see." Hebrews 11:1 

(Jiff <J)ucriene 


Farewells: The ENC degree that I Walk 
away with is not as important as the 
friendships created here with students 
and staff. These relationships will 
continue to guide me and enrich my 
life long after I graduate. 

<Emifv <J)unfiam 

History. Government Minor 

Activities: History Club VP 07-08. 
SGA President 06-07, Class President 
05-06, Best Buddies Director 05, 
Tennis Team 05-06, Tutor 05-08 
Quote: "The pain & sorrows of our 
life are essential to the balance of 
our character; with them lacking, we 
would not be human; & thus the man 
who expects to "perfect" the human 
race would distort & destroy humanity 
by endeavoring to separate from our 
nature qualities upon which all our 
other attributes depend." -Russell Kirk 

Not Pictured 

c I\Jcfiofc ^atchai'xm 

Business Communications 

Activities: W. Soccer, Business Soci- 
ety, Honors Society, Student Athletic 

Contemporary Music & Recording 

Activities: Lifegroup, school-related 
music performances 

Quote: "Therefore, if anyone is in 
Christ, he is a new creation; old things 
have passed away; behold, all things 
have become new" (2 Cor. 5:17). , 
No religion can take the place of a 
relationship with Jesus Christ. The 
requirements for eternal salvation are 
that we cast off our sin and live a life 
of obedience to God. 

English. Social Work Minor 

Activities: Librarian 

Quote/Farewells: To my family: 
Thank you for your unwavering love 
and support. 

"To die like Joan of Arc!' cried Ter- 
borgh, from the top of a pyre made of 
his furniture. The firemen of 
Saint-Ouen stifled his ambition." 
-Felix Feneon 

( J3avic[ ^Edmonds 

Music Theory 

Activities: RA of 2nd Memorial and 
1st Shields (and 3rd Spange.. long 
story), class council VP (05-08), 
President of the Brigade. 

Quote/Farewells: "Wise man say: 
forgiveness is divine, but never pay 
full price for late pizza." 
- Michaelangelo 
I love you guys! 

Ajnanda (EflofJ 

Public Relations/Advertising. 
English Minor 

Activities: soccer (fresh, and soph.); 
Nautilus editor (soph.); CamCam 
photographer (sr.); Phil Quest SI (sr.); 
theater publicity (fresh., soph., sr.); ST 
News (fresh., soph., sr.); Indoor Soccer 

Quote: "Those who've never recog- 
nized their own limitations, whenever 
they travel on the road that's bounded 
up by heaven alone and bend their 
heads a bit, stars get all tangled up in 
their hair." (Pierre Reverdy) 

Youth Ministry. Psychology 

Activities: Caf, work at Salvation 
Army, Youth Ministry intern 

Quote: "ENC rocked my socks off... 
seriously though where are all my 


<J)onnamarie G-aroJafo 

Radio & TV Broadcasting 

Farewells: I want to th&nk God for 
always being there for me, mom & 
especially dad for all those late night 
tutoring sessions. My best memories 
are the camaraderie while working as 
a stagehand on "The Wizard of Oz" & 
set building for "Twelfth Night". Those 
were some long days of work, but they 
were some of my most memorable mo- 
ments. Other great memories: working 
as an intern at Disney World and at 
WPRI-TV in East Providence. 

<T^atrina G«utfiier 

Psychology Sociolog y- 

Activities: Teen Bible Quizzing at 
Wollaston Church of the Nazarene, 
S.T.A.N.D.. Psi Chi 

£\efaina Qenovese 


Farewell: These past four years I've 
learned a lot of things, but the one 
thing that I will carry out of this place 
is all of the memories I've made. (Slip 
n' slides in Spange. road trips, trips 
to dunkies. the list continues.) To my 
dear friends Matiti. bahama mama, 
and to all my other wonderful friends 
who've helped me along the way, 
thanks. To my Mom, Dad. and sibs I 
love vou all so much. 

c l^Riannori Qorham 


Activities: Pink Ladies J-Term bas- 
ketball and soccer, Team Christmas 

basketball. Junior Class Council Rec- 
life and Campus Camera staff writer. 

Quote: "Do not pray for easy lives, 
pray to be stronger men." - JFK 

Sheffe^ £\arieffe Guerin 

Business Management/ 
Entrepreneurship. Psvcholog\:/ 

Quotes/Thank you: "Be joyful in 
hope, patient in affliction, faithful in 
prayer." Romans 12:12 "It's better 
to be hated for what you are than to 
be loved for what you're not." "Love 
means giving a special someone the 
power to destroy you, but trusting 
them not to." (MTL) Dad, Mom, 
James: Thanks for being strong when 
my strength faded. You're all truly a 
blessing. I Love You! 

Qarah Quest 

Elementary Education 

Activities: Junior Class Council, Social 
Life Director of SGA, intramurals 

Quote: First I want to thank my 
friends for the great times we've 
had-Cape Cod, trips to Maine, talking 
in British Accents, Boston trips, and 
the great friendships that will last a 
lifetime. Thank you SGA for a great 
year! Good luck! I want to thank my 
family for their constant love and 
, support. Last I want to thank Nate for 
C everything. I love you! 

•Harry (Hart 

<JPauf Waynes 

Bioloev:Pre-Med. Environmental 
Science & Math Minors 

Activities: Christian Scholar 
Photographer, Beta Phi Mu Publicity 

Quote: Courtney Rawlinson-Listen 
Patrick, can we talk? Patrick Batman- 
You look... marvelous. There's nothing 
to say. Thanks- Twining, Domina, 
Waterman, Free, Hammerstrom, Jack, 
JMD, Mom, Dad 

3\a G. % 

Bioloev. Chemistry Minor 

Activities: field trips to Belize, New 
Zealand, and Hawaii , 

Quote: "Question No. 1 3 is so stupid 
that I can't even figure it out" said a 
friend. At the end of these years, I 
really need to thank "the little" 
Princess, although she gave me a hard 
time to recognize that she had become 
the "President" not the "Queen." :) 



§tacr£ Tbonsun (Hyun 

Business Management 

Quote: Special Thanks to mom 
(Youngae). dad (Dongjin), brother 
(Changsup), and sister (Yoonjin) for 
your care and support. FAMILY 
stands for Father And Mother, I Love 
You! I love you mom, dad, bro. & sis! 
Lovely friends at ENC will always be 
remembered. God Bless all of you and 
I love you all. 

^ndrea Q/^ ^Johnson 


Activities: Fusion Mission trip, 
Business Society, Students for Social 
Justice, Intramural soccer, + Life 

Quote: Mom, Dad, Paul, Gerson, 
Sarah, Rae, The Hannon's, Grandma, 
Grandpa, The Johnson's, Los Suarez,, 
and Alcinda "This love was present 
before the beginning, and it continues 
to hold all things together..." I wanted 
to give a special thanks to God for 
His unlimited love which accents the 
completeness of life. 

Electrical Engineering. Math 

Activities: Men's Tennis, SGA Rec. 
Life Director, Intramural Football, 
Basketball, and Soccer, Physics & 
Engineering Club 

Farewells: I would just like to say 
thank you to God, my family, and my 
friends for making college life at ENC 
a great experience. 

<Beta (Khpfer 

Secondary Education. Math 

Activities: Kids Club(05-08). 
Tennis/05-07), Fusions Mexico(07) 
Quote/Farewell: "If you think you 
are too small to make a difference, 
try sleeping in a closed room with a 
mosquito"-African Proverb. Thanks 
to God, my family, & my friends for 
being everything I could have ever 
wanted or needed. "Life is a series of 
both firsts & lasts, dreams of the fu- 
ture becoming the pasts, life's learning 
to laugh & life's learning to cry, 
learning to say both hello & goodbye." 

Early ChilahoodEaucation 

Activities: Gospel Choir, Barnabas, 
Campus Kinderhaus 
Quote/Fairwells: Live life to the full- 
est. Find the good in everything. Give 
hugs, not punches! 
"Do not follow where the path may 
lead. Go, instead, where there is no 
path and leave a trail." -Ralph Waldo 

"Wherever you go, go with all your 
heart." -Confucius 

Sociology. Social Work Minor 

Quote: "There's a blaze of light in 
every word; It doesn't matter which 
you heard: The holy or the broken 
Hallelujah." -Leonard Cohen 

History. Government 

Qtacey ^iffios 

Health Science: Pre-Phvsical 

Activities: Lab Assisting (2,3,4), Vol- 
leyball (4), Library Staff (1,2,3,4) 

Quote: 1 Sam. 12:23-24 -"As for me, 
far be it from me that I should sin 
against the Lord by failing to pray for 
you. And I will teach you the way that 
is good and right. Be sure to fear the 
Lord and serve Him faithfully with all 
your heart; consider what great things 
He has done for you." 

Qarah c Joc 

eneral Music Per 


General Music Performance; 

Activities: Open Hand Open Heart, 
Barnabas. FUSION: Honduras '07, 
Guitar Ensemble '06. Choral Union, 
The Spot. Battle of the Bands. Musica 
Eclectica: Public Relations. MLK 

Quote/Farewells: To all I have come to 
know "...You turn these charcoal eyes 
into a diamond sea. The mundane 
even day gives up its secrecy. You set 
my feet upon a path of discovery." 
-Stephen Roach 

(Elizabeth ^\acRarfo 

^atftan ^\aanuson 

Health Science. Psychology Minor 

Farewells: I want to say thank you to 
my family who has always supported 
me throughout college. The boxed 
lunches from the cafe were always 
great. My professors for you extra 
hours spent outside of class provid- 
ing extra help. Thanks to my friends 
at ENC. There have been so many 
great memories from snow-forts to 
watching wrestling with Mike and Joe. 
Thanks guys. Sarah you thank you so 
much for things like helping me after 
surgery, you're awesome. Love you. 

Christopher Manchester 

Accounting. Finance 

Activities: Intramtiral Football and 



Weather £\attoon 

Early Childhood Education 

\ Activities: Gospel Choir, Yearbook, 
Bethel "Teen Extreme" youth leader 

' Quote: "Pythagorus was misunder- 
stood, and Socrates, and Jesus, and 
Luther, and Copernicus, and Galileo, 
and Newton, and every pure and 
wise spirit that ever took flesh. To be 
great is to be misunderstood!" -Ralph 
Waldo Emerson, "Self-Reliance" 

^athken <E. ^cflNafty 

Physical Education/ 
Movement Arts 

Activities: Cross Country, Barnabas, 

Quote: Therefore, since we are sur- 
rounded by such a great cloud of 
witnesses, let us throw off everything 
that hinders and the sin that so easily 
entangles, and let us run with 
perseverance the race marked out 
for us. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus. 
Hebrews 1 2: 1 

(Entity <pearl ty{etca[fe 

Elementary Education: English 

Activities: Summer Ministry, Tutor, 
Tennis, Small group leader, 
Fusion Mexico, Intramural Football, 
basketball, & soccer, IRC Staff 

Quote: "Not what I wish to be, nor 
where I wish to go, for who am I that 
I should choose my way? The Lord 
shall choose for me, Tis better for, I 
know, so let Him bid me go or stay." 

(Y^erry J^iffs 

English: Writing 

Activities: Go-leader of JUMP Drama 
ministry; Ministries editor for the. 
Campus Camera; took part on-stage 
for "Cinderella," "The Other Shore," 
and "The Miracle Worker"; took part 
backstage for "You're A Good Man, 
Charlie Brown" 

Quote: "But the dreamers of the day 
are dangerous people/ For they dream 
their dreams with open eyes,/ And 
make them come true." -second stanza 
of D.H. Lawrence's "Dreams" 

cjesse £AQx 

Biology /Pre-Med 

Quotes: "On the plains of hesitation 
bleach the bones of countless bones of 
countless millions who, on the dawn 
of victory, there stopped to rest, and 
resting died." -Lewellyn S. Mix 

W -» v. H 

US* 1 

(gradle^ fountain 

Communication Arts 

^cath J^t £\usem(ri 

Business Communications 

Activities: Soccer, Spiritual Life Of- 
fice, Publicity Coordinator, Chapel 
Multimedia Expert 
Quote: My fast four years at ENC 
have given me a great testimony for 
my life's motto: to love life and to live 
the LOVE (God is love!). I'm leaving 
ENC with a treasure-trove of solid 
friends that I'm looking forward to 
seeing get old. Thanks for all the fun 
times, great laughs, & sweet memories 
that will forever be framed in gold in 
my heart. 

y^ffison < J^nn ( I\(owfancf 

Accounting. Finance 

Activities: Tennis, SGA, Business 
Society, intramural sports, and 

Farewells: Dad, mom, and Ryan, 
thanks for everything you've done for 
me over the years... I love you! To all 
my friends, I had an enjoyable 4 years. 
Thanks for all of the fun memories! 

(Katie Osgood" 

Social Work 

Quote: "God's will for your life is 
so much more about the next five 
minutes than it is about the next five 
years." -Steve Robertson 

Farewells: Anthony-Thank you for 
being my rock during the past four 
years! I love you, best friend! Mom 
+ Dad- Thank you, I would not be 
where I am today without you! I love 
you both! 

Ajnv ^Penrose 

Elementary Education. 

^\ffison 'Peters 


Activities: Substitute Mentor senior 
year, Cross-Semester at PLNU Spring 
2007, R.A. sophomore year 

Farewells: God has blessed me 
tremendously from my time here at 
ENC and I could not of asked for 
more from Him. He gave me amazing 
friends, life-changing experiences and 
it is a time that will always have a 
special place in my heart. 

(Eric Qpeterson 

Business Management 

Farewells: Without Go*ds help I 
couldn't have made it through these 
years of schooling. Also, I want to 
thank my mom and dad for their 
help and support through the years of 
schooling. And Amy, I love you! 


Activities: History Club, A Cappella 
Choir, Kids' Club, The Music Man, 
Wizard of Oz, Cinderella, Oxford 

Quote: "Isn't it splendid to think of 
all the things there are to find out 
about? It just makes me feel glad to 
be alive-it's such an interesting world. 
It wouldn't be half so interesting if we 
knew all about everything, would it? 
There'd be no scope for imagination 
then, would there?" 
- Anne of Green Gables 

Management m Information 

Activities: A Capella Choir (4 years), 
Chamber Singers (4 years). Physics 
and Engineering Club (Sophomore- 
Senior years) 


Public Relations/ Advertisin g . 
Vocal Performance. 
Theater Minor 

Activities: A Cappella Choir & 
Chambers 1-4, A Night of David 
Ives, The Wizard of Oz. Blue Light & 
Other Stories. Twilight Los Angeles 
1992, Cinderella. You're a Good Man 
Charlie Brown. 

Quote: "For I know the plans I have 
for you. ..plans to prosper you and not 
to harm you, plans to give you a hope 
and a future." (Jeremiah 29:1 1) 

Social Work 

Activities: President Phi Alpha Honor 

Quote: For I know the plans the plans 
I have for you, declares the Lord, 
plans to prosper you and not to harm 
you, plans to give you hope and a 
future. Jeremiah 29:1 1. 
Thank you God for this calling and 
thank you Sarah and Sam for your 
love, patience and support the past 3 
years-I love vou. 

cpftiffip Scott 

3 e ff S^fe 

Journalism. English Minor 

Quote: "The books that the world calls 
immoral are the books that show the 
world its shame." - Oscar Wilde 
"Faithless is he that says farewell when 
the road darkens." - J.R.R. Tolkien 

Fa/ewells/Memories: J-Term Ball, 1st 
Shields, 5th Young: A few good men 
and a few blessed friends. Not just 
finding the love of my life, but more 
importantly finding new life in her 

Gatarina gemecfo 

Health Science. Psychology Minor 

Activities: Shrader Club 
(Administrative Assistant), 150 Dance 

^Jessica "T^risten gfiannon 

Enslish: Writing 

Activities: Studied abroad at Oxford 
University for a year 

Quote: "Oh better than the minting of 
a gold-crowned king is the safe-kept 
memory of a lovely thing." 
-Sara Teasdale 

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart: 
and lean not unto thine own under- 
standing. In all thy ways acknowledge 
him, and he shall direct thy paths. 
-Proverbs 3:5-6 

Connie gfocum 

Biology. Chemistry Minor 

cjori A^nn Qoares 

Psychology. Communication Arts 

Activities: Jump 04-05, Kids club 
04-05, Life group 04-07, Project 
Connect 06-07, Life Group Leader 
06, NSO Leader 05-06, CKH, J-term 
B-ball 06, Spiritual Retreat 06 
Farewells: Shout out to God, 
Marilena, Chacha, Beth, Theresa/tb, 
Tabby, Anne, Yoonsun, Andrea, Mary 
and anyone I forgot. I love and will 
miss my friends and roomies. 

cWifHam gtephens 

Computer Engineering 

Activities: Sports, Photography, 
mailroom, trespassing, XtremeX, 
mountain biking 

Farewells: A few memories that come 
to mind" from the past 4 years: team 
Xtreme, Andy Van, Wendy's, Prof 
Fish, red sox world series champs, 
Lindsay P., Susan B., Hawaii, New 
Zealand, Maine, do it, Chris, Keith, 
Bui, Jack, tennis. Spring break, 
Draino+aluminum, Mac C, Stephanie 
P., Danvers, & etc should cover the 
rest., peace out ENC. 

<Enn £\icfiaefe gtonc 

Psvchologx': Clinical and Research | 

Activities: Cross Country, Stats 

Quote: "Trust in the Lord with all 
your heart and lean not on your own 
understanding: in all your ways submit | 
to him, and he will make your paths 
straight." Proverbs 3:5-6 

Andrew ^Oany^ni&urg 

Electrical Engineering 

Activities: Soccer 

Religion. Youth Ministry 

Activities: Kinder Haus, Wind En- 
semble, The Wizard of Oz '05-'06, SI 
leader for Christian Tradition '07-'08 

Quote: One thing I do: Forgetting 
what is behind and straining toward 
what is ahead, I press on toward the 
goal to win the prize for which God 
has called me heavenward in Christ 
Jesus." (Philippians 3: 13b- 14) 

Andrea A^nne (White 

Liberal Arts: Eng lish 

Activities: Life group '05 & '06 

Quote: I thank God for giving me the 
opportunity to attend ENC, and for 
carrying me through all the challenges 
I have faced. My friends here have 
been a tremendous blessing to my life, 
and I will trulv miss them. 

Psychology. Criminal Justice 

Quote/Farewells: What a long, strange 
trip it's been. 

<W. Jordan <Wiffiams 

Eti glish Education 

Quote: If one advances confidently in 
the direction of one's dreams, and en- 
deavors to live the life which one has 
imagined, one will meet with a success 
unexpected in common hours. 
-Henry David Thoreau 

Jay c \Vifson 


Activities: Cross-country, Chapel 
Music Teams 

Quote: "What we do in life echoes 
in eternity." Quoting Maximus from 
"Gladiator." the movie 

Cnstina (Winchester 

Biology. Psychology Minor 

Activities: Women's Basketball (2 year 
captain). Beta Phi Mu 

Quote: "How lucky am I to have 
something that makes saying goodbye 
so hard." 

Farewells: Thank you to everyone that 
has been apart of my life. Your 
laughter, hugs, support and love has 
made my time here amazing. 

(Jennifer Ycrcfon 

Social Work. Psychology 

Camera Shv 

Qham[ ^fston 
Stephanie y\ndrews 
3ary >\\vwacf 
CXattFiew (J^afuch 
Andrevc (J^rowm 
l^an (jdhoun 
^Jonathan Qantave 

Qarolyn Qoiby 
^\ichaef (Engfaruf 
(]^njamin ^fick 
^Jonathan ( Hefm 
3ean (Ftynes 
^achad ciessenberg 
c \uc ^Jasmin 
Shannon ^Jones 
^Jessica Jordan 
(Derek (grouse 
(Qradley c leonard 
(J^enthia (Jouijeune 
(Heather (\ac(Phee 
(Xaureen O^B^* 1 
Sarah QViver 
Joel (Paufsen 
. (Jfeana (Pjarher 
Hari ty\aya l^ana 
ffieianie (Roberts 
^Jasmine S m M 
oJimoth^ Stanford 
Jennifer Stevens 
(Qrandon gtorie 
(Jaura ^Torino 
Jennifer (\Vestcott 
o)roy (White 


is a AVcry of holding on 

to the things you foVC, 

the things arc, 
the things ^ou 

ticker want to fose. 





A singfe souf 

chveffing in t\VO (xxfies 

■ 29 


i i 

(S enior Events 

6ecome the VCailty of your future 

pg. 34 ^unior/Qenior ^Banquet 

pg. 36 (J^ccaf aureate 

pg. 38 „ Cowwencement 

- 36 - 


Our deepest fear is not that we are 
inadequate. Qur deepest fear is that we are 
powerjuf 6eyond measure: ^t is our fight, not 
our darkness that most Jrightens us. ask 

oursefves, (Who am ^ to 6e brilliant, 
gorgeous, talented, Jahufous? ^\ctuaffy, who 
are you not to 6e? You are a chifd of God* 
Tour pfaying smaff does not serve the worfd. 
oJTiere is nothing enfightened a6out shrinking 
so that other peopfe won't Jeef insecure around 
you. c Wc arc aff meant to shine, as chifdrcn 

do. c Wc were 6orn to make manifest the 
gfory of Qod that is within us. cit is not just 
in some of us; it is in everyone. ^\nd as we 
fet our own fight shine, we unconsciousfy give 
other peopfe permission to do the same. ^\s we 
are fiberated Jrom our own fear, our presence 
automaticaffy fi6erates others. 


^Marianne Williamson, 
A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of 

"A Course in Miracles, "1992 

■ 37 - 

O" Siturtfa^, '7™' me cfass oj 2008 celebrated years of perseverance, 

lard work,and fun. Graduates received their dipfomas with pride in the work 
hey had done to earn their degrees. C ommcncement can k bittersweet as 
iraduating students foofc hack on aff of the amazing memories, say goodbye to many 
the Jriends they have made, and exit the ^IN^C £J atcs mt0 a vvhofe new worfd. 
\^t the same time there is a sense of wonderjuf things to come, goafs to accomplish, 
nd dreams to come true. 

good fuck and congratufations to aff of the graduates of 20o8f 

■ j 

ss=^=s= ======= 

ffi acuity and Staff 

The faculty and staff here at Eastern Nazanene College become just as 
much a part of our memories of college as do our friends, our dorm 
life, and our classes. 

There is something refreshing about having professors who are both 
understanding and concerned for our well being. It speaks volumes to 
be able to say that it is not an uncommon occurrence to see professors 
sharing cafeteria tables with students, engaged in conversation. Faculty 
and staff are always right around the corner to inquire how things are 
going, say hello, or wish you a good weekend. 

From guidance on a tough day, to that crazy professor whose class is 
always full of laughter and learning, to those who make sure none of us 
go hungry, the faculty and staff are always there. 

Not only do these individuals become a part of our memories at ENC, 
but they enable us to make all of those memories by ensuring that our 
campus stays running smoothly and up to par. 

- 43 • 

Robert Benjamin 

Director of Residential Life 
Student Development 

Susanne Douglas 

Enrollment Counselor 

John Free 


Laurel Anderson 

Department Secretary 

Krista Bogertman 

Career Counselor 
Brickley Center 

William Driscoll 


Karl Giberson 


Vanessa Ayersman 

Enrollment Counselor 

- 44 - 

Michael Holt 

Assistant Professor 

Penelope Carroll 

Brickley Center 

Ardith Eyring 

Administrative Secretary 
Spiritual Development 

Tami Gough 

Mental Health Counselor 
Brickley Center 

Michael Ballard 

Associate Professor 
Communication Arts 

Delvyn Case 

Assistant Professor 

Norene Fiacco 

Associate Professor 

Joseph Goulart 


Elva Jury 

Coordinator for Inquiries 

Marianna Krejci-Papa 

Assistant Professor 


Stacey Barker 

Associate Professor 
Social Work 


Heather Ciras 

Communications Coordinator! 
Constituency Relations 

Randall Fish 


Leroy Hammerstrom 

Math/Computer Science 

Janet Lanham 

Social Science 

Joanne Lenihan 

Administrative Assistant 

Brian Massey 

Assistant Professor 
Social Science 


Stacy Myers 

Office Manager 
Adult Studies 

Cristian Popa 

Tennis Coach 

Linda Scott 

Associate Professor 

Jennifer Lopez 

Resident Director 
Student Development 

Carla Lovett 

Assistant Professor 


Kathleen McCann 

Associate Professor 

Rodney Neighbors 

Director of Admissions 
Enrollment Management 

Alain Poutre 

Enrollment Counselor 

Gerson Semedo 

Assistant Chaplain 
Spiritual Development 

Dianne McDonough 

Office Manager 
Brickley Center 

Li Ji Noiseux 

Chinese Instructor 

Jack Reardon 

Facilities Management 

'"■4k I 

Eric Severson 

Assistant Professor 

William Malas 

Associate Professor 

Karen Marshall 

Women 's Basketball Coach 

4* I 

Russel Milburn 

Admissions Counselor 
Enrollment Management 

Tanya Miller 

Resident Director 
Student Development 

Paul Nyce 

Assistant Professor 

Dana Parker 

Director of Financial Aid 
Financial Aid 

Meghan Reardon 

Administrative Specialist 
Constituency Relations 

Nancy Ross 

Academic Dean 
Academic Affairs 


Jacqueline Stanford 

Constituency Relations 


„ 0«i 

Cheryl Stone 

Assistant Director 

Anke Thorne 

Mental Health Counselor 

Center for Academic Services Brickley Center 


Eleanor Waal 


Kendall Whittington 

Beth Waltermire 

Business Office 

Richard Wilson 

Bradford Thorne 

Director of Counseling 
Brickley Center 

VP for Institutional Advancement Director of Development 
Institutional Advancement Development 

Sheryl Weisen 

Administrative Assistant 
President's Office 

Timothy Wooster 

Associate Dean 
Academic Affairs 

Jack Tierney 

Communication Arts 

Jeffrey Wells 

VP for Enrollment 

Andrew Wright 

Admissions Counselor 
Enrollment Management 

Jonathan Twining 

Assistant Professor 

Vernon Wesley 

VP for Student Development 
Student Development 

Jonathan Youngman 


Corlis McGee 

President of 
Eastern Nazarene College 



for seeing us as individuals and not as numbers 
for caring about our emotional and spiritual lives as well as our academic lives 
for encouraging friendships to form between us and you 
for looking out for what's best for us even though it's not your job 

for believing in us. 

Thank-you all 



f- 1 



Being a student at Eastern Nazarene College me^ans a lot of things. It means 
going to classes, eating meals in the cafeteria and Dugout, making the occasional 
trip to Nease Library to do research or work on a group project, and attending 
Chapel twice a week (to escape being fined). However, it is highly unlikely that 
these will be the things that we find remarkable enough to remember years and 
years from now when we look back on our lives at ENC 

The real memories that we will look back upon about ENC will be the very life 
of this campus - the students! Anyone who has stayed the weekend on the ENC 
campus will testify to the fact that when the all the students go home the life, the 
vigor, and the excitement of our campus goes, too. 

As underclassmen we. are in the process of making memories, whether you are a 
freshman, sophomore, or junior. You can look back to last week and reminisce 
about the incredible memories that have already been archived in your minds. 
We teach each other and we learn from each other; we live together and eat 
together; we attend classes together and pray together. We are growing together, 
and that's what gives ENC life. 

•49 ■ 


Class of 2009 

Class Council: 


Cameron Young 

director of finance: 

Junior Guimaraes 

^cfmin. Assistant: 
Sarah Leonard 

Joshua Burley 

qfec. g[ife; 

Josh Daniels 

Qocxal cjifex 
Lindell Pascal 

Junior year really makes you appreciate life at ENC. 
With your journey half way through, you laugh until 
you cry as you reminisce about mattress surfing and you 
enjoy every new memory that you make with the friends 
you've lived with these past two years. Your friends 
know you all too well and you've become like a college 

There is an increased appreciation for a good nap and 
there are feelings of relief and accomplishment in 
having completed classes like Arts and Music and 

You've come a long way and there's a part of you that 
can't believe time has flown so quickly. But the other 
part of you can't wait to get out in "the real world". 


Paul Aliotta 
Julie Andrews 
Tammy Andrews 
Jonathan Ardrey 
Charmaine Barnette 


W»? KB 

Kendra Brathwaite 
Joseph Burley 
Joshua Burley 
Marie Castro 
Christina Chestna 

Christina Clarke 
Shawn Cola 
Jonathan Costella 
Jessica Cramer 
Luke Dodge 


Andy Dumas 
Shannon Fegan 
Aubrey Figueroa 
Hannah Ford 
Hilary Gallagher 

V t£ A 

Sarah Good 
Preston Graveline 
Rebekah Guevara 
Junior Guemaras Filho 
Jessica Hagelgans 

lie- 1 

Brittany Hardie 
Jerome Hargrow 
Jennifer L. Harris 
Jeremy Hermann 
Andrew Hill 

- 51 - 

Rebekah Hodgkins 
Melissa Horr 
Jeremy Hueston 
Constantine Kamberidis 
Danielle Kessler 

Shelley Koopman 
Jonathan Laboiser 
Patrick Lane 
Wassim Lebbos 
Andrew Leman 

Justin Levesque 
Alex Limage 
Anna Masters 
Arielle Mather 
Erica McGrath 

Donald McKinnon 
Rachel Nadile 
Philip Nase 
Andrew Neves 
Trevor Oates 

Magon Parent 
Lindell Pascall 
Rachel Peed 
Erin Prendergast 
Christopher Reilly 

Amanda Remmel 
Leanne Ringuis 
Katherine Ryan 
Nathaniel Sager 
Paul Sapp 

■ 52 - 

[Stacey Senat 
I Rachel Sorenson 
I Jeremy Stanford 
Ijennifer Stearns 
Rebecca Steelman 


Mathew Woodley 
Cameron Young 

%pt ^pictured: 

Adriana Alvarez 

Lauren Halvorson 

. Stephen Newman 

Christopher Appleby - 

Victoria Hamilton 

Phillip Nolan 

Ryan Augusta 

Garet Hanshew 

Nichole Norris 

Jillian Barrett 

Alexander Hardy 

Philip Oliver 

Janelle Bausman 

Jennifer A. Harris 

Kristina Pan 

Brandon Bernier 

Kevin Hartley 

Cara Pasik 

Jonathan Bohall 

Tamika Hatcher 

Alpesh Patel 

Shawn Bohannon 

Tyler Knowlton 

Justin Pearl 

Dung Bui 

Danielle Koers 

Tyler Peryea 

Chantalle Chouinard 

Rebecca Kulat 

Randall Petrillo 

Jesse Collins 

Jeffrey Kustra 

Steven Pirrotta 

Jocelyn Cox 

Ursula Lauriston 

Fallon Ramos 

Matthew Dagley 

Daniel Lee 

Joan Ranstrom 

Joshua Daniels 

Eileen Lee 

Hannah Rauchfuss 

Colby DaSilva 

Anthony Leite 

Ashley Richards 

David Dickerson 

Sarah Leonard 

Darlene Richardson 

Craig Dix 

Wendy Li 

Kelli-Ann Richardson 

Laura Doane 

Christina Ludwick 

Javier Roche 

Rachael Dorsey 

Daniel Maltais 

Robert Rossi 

Melissa Douglas 

Matthew Manganelli 

Jonathan Ruiru 

Tarn Hoang Duong 

Stephen Mapes II 

Daniel Shaw 

Kevin Eloy 

Jean-Paul Marcellus 

April Siano 

" Justin Feeney 

Jessica Matt 

Justen Smith 

Janna Fernandes 

Brandon McGrath 

Rebekah Sorensen 

Amanda Fish 

Samuel Mohnkern 

Lovon Springer 

Tyler Fiske 

Christopher Morris 

Victoria Stacey 

Laura-Beth Fitzpatrick 

Tina Muir 

Nehemie Suzin 

Andrew Gardner 

Diane Murphy 

Anthony Swede 

Jillian Griffin 

Jessica Newman 

Jami Swedick 

Sarah Surprenant 
Benjamin Thompson 
Alisha Tramontozzi 
Christina Tramontozzi 
Sarah Troxler 

John Theodoris 
Jason Tower 
Ashley Toye 
Emily Varner 
Justin Vivanco 
Kerry Lynn Wallace 
Lauren West 
Meredith White 
Jarred Wiedenroth 

- 53 - 

qn C ]\CW (Engfantf stands a cortege 
%rar blue Q^Uincy ^JW 

Glorious for aye 

- 54 - 

c [a\id her merits, sing her praises, 

°{et our song ring free 

TOf to thee, our s\lma J^atCr 

<Hait O ( E^C 

- 55 - 

Returning to ENC in the fall surprisingly feels like 
home. You've chosen your roommate and are happy to 
see the friends you made freshman year. Now it's time 
to get serious. . .kind of. 

With a year of experience resting on your shoulders 
you know the importance of occasionally passing up 
the midnight run to Wendy's in order to study for your 
Western Heritage exam or write that World Lit paper. 
You have also figured out your way around the crowded 
streets of Quincy and which direction you need to get 
on the Red Line to go into Boston. 

Through all the lessons learned and those fun, crazy 
stories that you'll never forget, your second year at ENC 
will be a memorable one. 

ISherilyn Allen 
Katherine Asselin 
Anya Bartoswics 
Matthew Brown 
Allison Cammarata 

Laura Cline 
Jordan Corbin 
Ashley Cornell 
Simmone Deane 
Ruthann DeBaise 

Christine DeTraglia 
Heather DiRienzi 
Trevor Duke 
Alyssa Eklund 
Ian Fletcher 

Colleen Gaine 
Timoy Gregory 
Jacqueline Gressett 
Brooke Hale 
Ashley Horan 



Micah Horton 
Emmanuel Janvier 
Stephanie Jeannis 
Joline Jeffery 
Lauren Kasper 

Sara Kern 
Kevin Kessler 
Margaret Kirpas 
Chelsea Lefavor 
Emily Marascia 


Ervin Melara 
Andrew Messenger 
Andrew Metcalf 
Sarah Musk 
Rachael Neri 

Kayla Overly 
Gloria Patten 
Christina Pinkerton 
Holly Provencher 
Christy Reed 



Tyler Restrickl 
Nadine Sal 
Jon Salisbury 
Trista Sams] 
Jessica Schoppe 

Carissa Schutz 
Elizabeth Shaw 
Melanie Shepard 
Abbey Snyder 
Ashley Stiles 

Jeremy Tarbox 
Priscilla Trespalacios 
Renee Vasquez 
Naomi Vilfort 
Meghan Weaver 

Rita Wigle 
Jennifer Wilderman 
Aaron Wilson 

■ 58- 

%)t (pictured: 

Katrina Abraham 

Jamie Coleman 

Anthony Lacina 

Adam Quinn 

Sara Adgate 

Jennifer Colson 

Heather LaFountain 

Matthew Quint 

Reginald Agcnor 

Emily Colwell 

Jared Lewis 

Naveen Raj an 

Caroline Aniolowski 

Julia Cook 

Nicholas Lincoln 

Tanya Raphael 

Jonathan Barbirak 

Debora Cristina Costa 

Sarah MacFee 

Ashley Reagan 

Tabitha Baskin 

Jeremy Cox 

Marco Martinez 

Juan Rivera 

Bethany Beauregard 

Stephanie Cross 

Rachel Martinson 

Marissa Rizzo 

Katherine Bell 

Marke DeCoste 

Larissa McCormick 

John Sahlman 

Marie Bellegarde 

Stephan Duplan 

Julia Mendoza 

Stephen Salvatore 

Brendon Bennett 

Chelsea Fagan 

Daniel Messia 

Enis Shehu 

Jessie Benoit 

Adonna Ferrell 

Leif Mieras 

Jordan Shuhart 

Adam Bensen 

Shawn Flint 

Sara Miller 

Stephany Silveira 

Jeremy Betts 

Julianne Follett 

Craig Morley 

Allison Stacey 

Kurtis Biggs 

Jtuan Gaines 

Karisa Mountain 

Joy Steinwedell 

Sarah Blake 

Tiffany Gearhart 

Amanda Musmecci 

Francisca Stenbuck 

Amber Bond 

Ezekiel Gillie 

Tyler Nicholson 

David Straughan 

Steven Bracale 

Katharine Goodwin 

Trevor Oates 

Bethany Stuart 

Kristen Burke 

Christopher Guillaume 

Dibia Ogbuku 

Benjamin Tubo 

Ricardo Cameron 

Aaron Hagerman 

Robert Outlaw 

Kaitlyn Welch 

Alex Carr 

Melissa Henry 

Constantine Papageorgiou 

Amber Wiersma 

Amy Casey 

Alexandra Herman 

Kelley Parker 

Kathryn Wiley 

Donalin Cazeau 

Holly Hight 

Donna Pauley 

Melissa Williams 

Joanne Celestin 

David Hoelschen-Thorne 

Tiffany Perreault 

Salihyaa Wingard 

Shane Chamberlin 

Matthew Hoover 

Stephanie Pestilli 

Caitlin Wolf 

Michael Chan 

Kennard Hueston 

Cassandra Pettit 

Charissa Wooster 

Benjamin Chapman 

Ricardo Jean-Noel 

Leslie Philippe 

Bryan Wright 

Haily Chase 

Thomas Jordon 

Brandon Pillsbury 

Lauren Yerdon 

William Colby 

Bonnie Kimball 

Melanie Piro 

Zachary Zotos 

David Coleman 

Frank Kusnir 

Denicia Purvis 

- 59- 

Qracefui branches lifted heavenward 

Quncrowned for our view 
Stancf the efms upon our campus 

(Reaching to the Hue 

■ 60 - 


Qfxady waiks beneath the foiiaae 

^fownng beauty rare 

^J3lCSSC(f fry nature, how we fove thee 

^fma ty{ater fair 


Class Council: 


Mary Middleton 

director of finance: 
Melissa Henry 

^dmin. Assistant: 
Mandolin Porter 

Tim Golden 

(Rec. g[ifc: 
Jennifer Thompson 

Megan Roberts 

Making the transition from high school and home life 
to college and dorm life can be a bit overwhelming at 
first. In no time there are a million awkward moments, 
including "getting to know you" activities and countless 
introductions, the adjustment to a new bed and, for that 
matter, a roommate, and of course, curfew and classes. 
Once the homesickness lessens, your dorm bed feels 
just right, and you've figured out what not to eat in the 
cafeteria, the fun begins. 

There are always adventures to be had in Boston, walks 
to take at Wolly beach, and sporting events to attend, 
filled with a new found school spirit: Go Crusaders! 
Gradually the transition is made from being the newbies 
who can't find Peavey lecture hall to becoming the well 
adjusted students who realize that staying up past 2 a.m. 
every night is just not a good plan. 





I Christina Ardrey 
I Elizabeth Barkhurst 
iTroya Bartlett 
[Travis Bausman 
Katherine Beane 

i II i 





1 \VfA \ I 

ii 1 

Helen Breau 
Rachel Bridges 
Allison Brookhart 
Kevin Busker 
Stephen Chiavaroli 

Carly De Leeuw 
Laura De Castro 
Doane, Cameron 
Edlyze Ferreira 
Traci Fitzpatrick 

Brittany Garoffolo 
Laura Giberson 
Timothy Golden 
David Guevara 
Paul Guevara 

Megan Hardee 
Brianne Hennigan 
Jennifer Jacquet 
Joshua Jardim 
Caren Kamel 

Theresa Kodua 
Catherine Kozak 
Nathaniel Lane 
Lionel Latouche 
Bethany MacPherson 


Meliisa Mahoney 
Sean Morrissey 
Jillian Noyes 
Emily Piesco 
Scott Pinto 

Samuel Plouffe 
Megan Roberts 
Diara Rosario 
Melinda Shaw 
Kaitlin Shimer 

John Shivley 
Stephanie Shobert 
Lauren Silva 
Nicole Sprague 
Jennifer Thompson 

Richard Valanzola 
Amanda Weller 
Ben Wilson 
Anna Zetterburg 

m 111 





c Not ^Pictured: 


L/dpnn\ ^niidL, 

V^UllCCIl VJalllt 

Arlpnp Ruiz 

Mario Aguuar 

oCIglU V*Jdllid 

T-TpiitHf*r T tiHwnrV 
ncdiiici LUUWUtN 

Tarprl Salfiomv 

Linda Akeju 

i^nnstin coney 

JOSflUd VJdlldllU 

.u Mill iviaC vv iiiiaiii 

l<TpnHra ^antnnn 

IX. llVJld k^dJlLdlld 

Jacob Allen 

Jerem Cook 

jondifidn oeorges 

oicpildll iVlallaib 

^\pp*tt >awvpr 

DeAngelo Alstton 

Noah Coyle 

Luioja oines 

I\.dLIlCl lvldllCIl 

Arlnnn ^palv 
r\Vjl Idll ocdiy 

Cassandra Auguste 

Cassanda Crowley 

Megan onoza 

/AldUIlIld lvlaMIl 

QViopK/n ^hnhprt 
oiidwiyii oiivjutii 

Allison Aupperlee 

Lindsey Daniels 

IVllCndCl OldZldllU 

JUlla IvlallUUH 

Tiiliot-inp ^Wintipr 

J Lllldlllie Ocvlllliei 

Andrew Baird 

Riva Davis 

i yicr orecn 

T\/lf»T* To m \/f r»f* 1 o rrf^n 
1 yiCI JdlUCo 1V1H~ IdllCIl 

\lic\c\r\ck Snntao 

V ICLL/l Id OiJMLclt, 

Ashley Baker 

Justin Denbow 

riiiidry vjrtcn 

ividiy iviiuuiciuii 

AnHrPw ^t^ipv 
/Aiieiicw oidey 

Peter Bentum 

Matthew Denis 

Deindny oreeniieiu 

^t(=»\/^ \y4inccin 

R phprra ^tnnplalfp 

Lindscy Bernard 

Kara Desrochers 

ixcDcCLd ndiiiiiicr 

U Lldlll IVlUgillLIlCl la 

Tponip Tunti 

Jedllle idllg 

Jetlrey Bonaventurc 

orace Lyinnen 

rflllip ndllllllLI all UIIl 

Hipori Nptto 

Xnni T°vlor 

1 Ulll 1 Cl Y 1U1 

Shaskia Bosquet 

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Elizabeth Quint 

Joshua Wallace 

Jessica Celestin 

Matthew Flgg 

Nathaniel Leaser 

Brett Rahrer 

Amanda Weller 

Jennifer Charpentier 

Patrick Flint 

Marzena Luciejewska 

Sean Reese 

Kristin Cherry 

Rhiannon Ford 

Sarah Lewis 

Daniel Riveira 

Stephen Chiavaroli 

Rebecca Gagnon 

Bryan Logue 

• Rebecca Riveira 

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Gear her Vision, htyh her purpose 

( x^o, she stands serene 
Ajid her faith is sure undaunted 

(Eastern (^azarene 



<We wiff prove our strong cfevotion 

c Xo^ai we void be 

ofrue to Gocf 

gruc to cgq^c 


Never has there been a school year like 2007-2008. ^ 

This year brought with it a surge of school spirit that's been missing in action on the ENC 
campus for years. Athletes, coaches, sports equipment, plenty of practice, and games make 
up the athletics at ENC. However, it's the fans that make it all worthwhile. Our school has 
truly proven this point this year by coming together, fully clad in red, white, and black to 
support baseball, basketball, volleyball, our intramural sports, and more. 

No matter what the final scores may have been, we should all be proud of the hard work and 
dedication put in by all of our Crusaders, and everyone who puts in the effort to make our 
athletic department what it is. And, of course, there is no way to thank the ENC community 
for coming together and supporting the teams like they have done this year. The cheering 
and school spirit that was brought forth was just what our athletic teams needed this year. 

Sports enable our athletes on campus to shine and demonstrate their strengths in doing 
what they enjoy, as well as providing a common ground for our school community to come 
out as a community of support to watch, cheer, and encourage our sports teams. 




"Soccer is not just a sport for me, but my 
life's passion. Over the years it has 
rewarded me in numerous ways. With 
the guide of the best coach I've ever had 
and my fellow teammates, I have been 
able to further my athletic ability and 
form the closest relationships I've ever 

- Brook Hale 

Starting the season off with a victory over Green Mountain 
College, the Women's Soccer team showed promise for 
improvement over last year's season. Even when tripped up by 
a number of injuries, the Lady Crusaders kept their game 
competitive and even pulled off some shut out wins. If the team 
keeps the trend, next fall should prove to be an exciting season 
with the addition of some talented freshmen. 


Front Clockwise: Stephen Hamilton (Head Coach), Mark Spendlove (Assistant Coach), 
Amanda Weller, Nicole Sprague, Linda Akeju, Joan Ranstrom, Brook Hale, 
Katherine Beane, Melissa Douglas, Danielle Koers, Niki Fatchaline (Captain), 
Theresa Kodua, Melaina Genovese, Brittany Hardie, Gerri Dorsett (Captain), 
Joy Steinwedell, Jolie Uzamukunda, April Siano, Kate Brule, Rebecca Hammer, 
Allison Dunigan, Faith Musembi, Ramo Badohoun (Assistant Coach). 

-— -Reminiscence 

It being my 4th year on the team, this 
was a very special season because I knew 
it was my last; I really tried to soak up 
every aspect of the season. I wish I could 
be around for another season, but I am 
excited to see where next year's leaders 

take the team." 

- Jesse Mix 

A heartbreaking home opener loss in overtime seemed to be the 
start of a tough road for the Men's soccer team. Even though 
their first win came a" little late in the season, the Crusaders 
went on to the field and played hard each and every game. 
Assistant Coach Ken said that this year's team was a strong one; 
next season it will be exciting to see how the younger players 
make the most of their experience and start taking the 
leadership roles on the field. 

Back Row, L-R: Ken Villaluz (Assistant Coach), Jon Salisbury, Jeremy Stanford, Andrew 
Trice, -Rob Rossi, Joseph Meserve, Tom Newell (Head Coach). 

Third Row, L-R: Andrew Gardner, Jordan Corbin, Jeremy Tarbox, Freddy Perez, Sean 

Second Row, L-R: Josh Garland, Bryan Wright, Cameron Wolfe, Ezekiel Gillie. 
Front Row, L-R: Andy VanAmberg, Brad Leonard (Captain), Jesse Mix (Captain), 
Nathan Magnuson. 

"This year s Volleyball season was a 
frustrating one. We are extremely 
talented, and our freshmen are 
phenomenal, but we didn't finish games 
or get the wins we needed. Because we 
are not satisfied with the outcome of this 
season, I know that is just going to push 
everyone in the off-season. When next 
season comes I know all the hard work 

will pay off." 

- Christina Ludwick 

Reminiscence — 


Crusader Volleyball started off very strong with a 3-1 record. 
The middle of the season became a bit more difficult as the 
team battled through a few very competitive matches. Always 
drawing a crowd to the Home games, ENC was excited to see 
the Women's Volleyball team finish up with double digits in the 
Win column while the team itself is expecting to get better and 
better the next few seasons. 

Back Row, L-R: Mike Johnston (Head Coach), Christina Ludwick (Captain), Allison 
Aupperlee, Janna Fernandes, Darlene Richardson, Cassandra Auguste, Paige Vermaat, 
Amber Burns, Rebekah Sorensen (Captain), Alexis Miranda (Assistant Coach). 
Front Row, L-R: Stacey Lillios, Ashley Latham, Jami Swedick, Laura Giberson, Heather 
Zukauskas, Heather LaFountain, Bethany Greenfield. 

Back Row. L-R: Aaron Wilson (Coach), Michale Graziano, David Coleman. 
Third Row. L-R: Jessica Matt, Amber Bond, Jasmine Smith, Jon Babirak, 
Sean Reese. 

Second Row. L-R: Abbey Snyder, Alicia Cassettari, Kathleen McNally, Harry 
Hart, Joshua Jardim. 

Front Row. L-R: Chris Reilly, Jay Wilson. 

Not Pictured: Ashley Cornell, Luke Dodge, Alex Limage, Samuel Plouffe, Tim 
Stanford, Erin Stone, Tracy D'Arpino-Servaes (Assistant Coach). 

"The tennis team did great this year. We 
were very fortunate to add two freshmen 
with experience, which made out lineup 
stronger. With the top of the team being 
underclassmen,, the team has much room 
to grow and gain experience. The seniors 
were always positive and supportive and I 
wish them good luck after graduation. I 
am excited to see the growth of the team 
next year and I can't wait until fall!" 

- Allison Cammarata 

ENC Women's Tennis team was one to watch out for this season 
with a 6-5 overall record through the end of September. 
Although there were some struggles through the month of 
October, the players cannot wait to see where all of the strong 
undergraduate talent will take the team next fall. 

Back Row. L-R: Amy Casey, Allison Cammarata, Beth Klopfer, Amy Penrose, Jillian 
Farester, Cris Popa (Coach). 

Front Row. L-R: Emily Metcalfe, Rachel Bridges, Christina Pohas, Allison Nowland. 
Not Pictured: Nehemie Suzin. 

— Reminiscence- 


"Even though we didn't have the most 
successful year, I view this season as a 
blessing in disguise because we grew a lot 
by not giving up. By working together 

we now have the foundation to overcome 

anything. We're looking forward to next 


Amanda Remmel 


The Women's Crusader Basketball team 
played extremely well through November 
arid entered December with a winning 
record. The Winter months were not easy 
ones for the team, but despite the hardships, 
they never gave up and always went on to 
the court ready to give everything they had. 
The team plans on giving nothing less than 
that next year. 

Back Row, L-R: Karen Marshall (Head Coach), Laura Cline, Cassandra Auguste, Jessica 
Schoppee, Amanda Remmel (Captain), Amber Burns. 

Front Row, L-R: Cristina Winchester (Captain), Victoria Sontag, Rebekah Sorensen < 
(Captain), Brook Hale. 

Not Pictured: Andre Benson (Assistant Coach). 

"Being able to play the magnificent sport 
of Basketball at ENC for 4 years has 
been the gift of a lifetime; it built 
character, discipline and camaraderie. 
If I could leave the upcoming team with 
anything it would be to work hard in 
reaching your goals and to never give up 
no matter the obstacle." 

- King LC Jasmin, 1 000 point scorer 

Although the season was overall a tough one for the ENC Men's 
Basketball team, there was always huge crowd support and some 
awesome and exciting moments. One of those moments was 
when the Men's team broke a losing streak by defeating rival 
Gordon College with a commanding 82-69 win. The crowd 
could not keep their seats when, on a few occasions throughout 
the season, DeAngelo Alston set up J.P. Marcellus for some 
monstrous ally-oops. Best of luck to the graduating Seniors, and 
to the players that will fill their shoes next season. 

Top Row: Jon Yeh (Head Coach), Humberto Santiago, Jared Saloomey, Jeremy Hueston, 
Jean-Paul Marcellus, Kennard Hueston, Luc Jasmin (Captain), Dan Shaw, Jonathan 
Georges, Colby DaSilva, Christian Corey, Anthony Cahill, Gerry Whetstone (Assistant' 

Front Row: Brett Rahrer, Mario Aguilar, Alex Carr, Andrew Brown (Captain), Andrew 
Gardner, DeAngelo Alston. 

— ,f| Li I • 


84 - 



"This was a tough season do to many 

match cancellations. We had a lot of 

rescheduled matches that resulted in 

having to play about 13 in a period of 17 
days. Though our record did t show it, 
we had a lot of close matches, even with 
the amoun of injuries we had. It was. a 
fun season and we hope to improve for 

next year." 

- Tyler Restrick 

Spring Training down in Hilton Head, SC 
started off rough, but they guys pulled it 
together to win their last match of the week. 
They began the regular season winning 3 out 
of 4 matches, but a number of difficult 
opponents kept the men from continuing 
their streak. However, even with some key 
injuries, the team finished off the season 
with a win and is very excited for next year. 

Back Row: Cris Popa, Matthew Kaufman, Michael Chan, Bill Stephens (Captain), 
Jack Sahlman, Tyler Restrick, Mathew Woodley 
Front Row: Jordan Corbin, Luke Dodge (Captain) 

Womb if 

© IF f i & l Ei 



I f 
I | 

"I think Softball went great this year! 
It would have been nice to make it into 
the playoffs, but we improved a lot from 
last year. The freshman really spoke for 
themselves and made a big contribution 
to the team. This year was a lot of fun 
and I can't wait to see what we can do 
next year!" 

- Rachel Sorensen 


• ■ 

Despite the long and difficult month of 
March, the Crusader Softball team would 
not let their spirits get down as they turned 
their season around in April. Their first 
win came at home and was convincing with 
a score of 9-3. The Ladies kept their bats 
blazing for the rest of the season and even 
pulled off a few come-from-behind victories 
with multiple homeruns. Falling short of the 
playoffs this season, the team looks to give it 
their all to get there next year. 

Back Row: (Left to Right) Douglas Sorensen (Head Coach), Laura Giberson, Kayla Overly, 
Janna-Fernandes, Jacqueline Tierney, Amber Burns, Rebekah Sorensen, Jamie Swedick, 
Hannah Rauchfuss, Rebecca Welch (Assistant Coach) 

Front Row: (Left to Right) Elizabeth Shaw, Brittany Bedillion, Rachel Sorensen, 
Stephanie Pestilli, Melaina Genovese, Bethany Greenfield, Ashley Latham 

Overall, it was a difficult vear for the Men's 
Baseball team. Even though they suffered 
some big losses, ENC played hard every 
game trying to pick up the wins. Looking 
towards next season, the men finished off on 
the right foot with a double header victory 
over Anna Maria College. 

Back Row: Josh Daniels, Dave Dickerson, Tom Jordon, Matt Flagg, Stephen Newman, 
Justin *Denbow, Juan Rivera 

Middle Row: Matt Kutt (Head Coach), Matt Baluch, Nate Leaser, Jason Tower, Steve' 
Pirotta. Steve Doyle 

Front Row: Tyler Nicholson, Matt Manganelli, Craig Dix, Matt Winders, Jared 
Wiedenroth, Shawn Feeney, Matthew Sherman (Assistant Coach) 

Qufc and O rg anizations 

While we may have full course schedules, never-ending homework, and jobs to 
help our finances, we make space in our schedules to take time out for those 
things that interest us, those that we feel passionately about, and those that we 
enjoy doing. 

Clubs and organizations give students an opportunity to come together through 
common interests and convictions and to take part in meetings and activities. 
Sometimes the shift of discussion from classroom topics to something that we 
really enjoy, or simply being in the presence of people with similar interests to 
us, can give us the boost we need to get through another week of classes, work, 
and an overall lack of sleep. 

Whether you are interested in ministry, children, acting, science, music, 
working with the student body, or creating memories of ENC that will be kept 
for years to come, there is a club or organization fit for everyone. Although 
Guitar Hero will probably never get old, clubs and organizations provide ENC 
students with the opportunity to get involved, be productive, and pursue 
interests, all the while fostering old and new friendships. 

•91 ■ 

Top Right: The Executive SGA members kick- 
back and have some fun at the Harvest Party. 

Bottom Right: Sarah Guest, Allison Cheney, 
Ashley Richards, and Phil Nase are ridin' high at 
the Welcome Week cookout. 

Back Row. L-R: Ashley Richards (Publicity Director), Allison Cheney (Admin. Assistant), 
Sarah Guest (Social Life Director), Jonathan Ardrey (President), Patrick Lane (VP of Finance). 
Front Row. L-R: Philip Nase (Student Ministries Organizer), Luke Dodge (Rec. Life Director). 

The Executive SGA council serves to represent the student 
body to the administration of Eastern Nazarene College and 
to organize events, ministries, and clubs, providing an active 
campus life for students. 

■ 92 ■ 

Top Left: Luke Dodge, Jon Ardrey, Phil Naze, 
Allison Cammarata and Hilary Gallagher have a 
little fun while discussing SGA business. 

Bottom Left: Jeff Seals throws down on 
Cameron Young during a General SGA meeting. 

Second Row. L 

Back Row. L-R: Luke Dodge (Rec. Life). Jonathan Ardrey (President) 

Naomi Vilfoit Commuter Council President). Mary Middleton ('1 1 President), Philip Nase (Spiritual Life), Allison Cammarata ('10 
Hrtary Gallagher (Nautilus Co-Editor). Cara Pasik (Campus Camera Co-Editor), Melissa Lowell (Advisor), Ashley Richards (Publicity) 
i i t Row, L-R: Jeff Seals (Campus Camera Co-Editor), Cameron Young ('09 President), Patrick Lane (VP of Finance) 

The General SGA is composed of representatives from 
ENC's publications, class councils and other organizations 
who join together to consolidate resources, share ideas and 
push towards improving student life at ENC. 



Top Right: Co-Editor Cara Pasik works hard on 
editing the latest issue of the Campus Camera. 

Bottom Right: Sports Editor Brndon McGrath 
and Co-Editor Jeff Seals smile after producing 
another great issue. 



Back Row. L-R: Ashley Horan (Staff Writer), Emily Colwell (Staff Writer), Brandon McGrath (Sports Editor), Amanda Egolf 

(Photo Editor), Trevor Duke (Staff Writer). 
Front Row. L-R: Corinne Curtis (News Editor), Cara Pasik (Co-Editor: Business Manager), Jeff Seals (Co-Editor: Creative 

Director), Alicia Cassettari (Arts & Entertainment Editor). 

The Campus Camera is the voice of the student body, 
bringing the latest news and events ENC has to offer to the 
surrounding community. This year the Cam Cam was at the 
forefront on issues important to students, from ENC "going 
green," to the elections, to starting a community-wide 
dialogue about our mascot. With a polished new layout and 
stellar writing, the Cam Cam strives to represent the very 
essence of a college publication. 

- 94- 

Tod Left: The Nautilus Team spending some 
time in the sun. showing their photogenic sides. 

Bottom Left: Co-Editors Christina Chestna and 
Hilary Gallagher battle it out to see who is the 
best of the Nautilus editors. 

Back Row. L-R: Chelsea Lefavor (Layout Designer). Erica McGrath (Social Life Photographer). Andrew Hill (Sports 

Photographer). Carissa Schutz (Clubs & Organizations Photographer). 
Front Row, L-R: Christina Chestna (Co-Editor Business Editor). Hilary Gallagher (Co-Editor Creative Director). 


The Nautilus is ENC's age-old yearbook publication. We 
serve the student body by working as a team of two 
co-editors, two layouts designers, and three photographers to 
create and produce a quality yearbook that accurately 
portrays the current academic year. We seek to represent the 
vast amount of ENC events and sporting events. ENC 
sponsored clubs and organizations, and of course, the people 
of EXC-the student body and the faculty and staff in the 
book so that every member of the EXC community can enjoy 
reminiscing about the year in the future. 


. -95- 


Top Right: Some of the ladies of the History 
Club, Rachel Bridges, Kate Brule, and Emily 
Dunham, pauses to enjoy each others company 

Bottom Right: A large crowd of students gather 
for a lecture series set up by the History Club. 

' -v. T v 

Back Row. L-R: Frank Kusnir, Paul Guevara, Alex Hardy, Cameron Young, Andrew Leman, Matt LeBlanc, Joshua Burley. 
Front Row. L-R: Matt Duquette, Bethany MacPherson, Anne Reilly, Carla Lovett. 

History Club brings together history majors and other 
interested students in order to promote awareness of the 
past to share in fellowship. We hold several special dinners 
throughout the year, host movie and game nights, and attend 
lectures in Boston and at area universities. We also have a 
tradition of challenging other departments to softball games; 
we usually win. With Phi Alpha Theta, the history honors 
society, selected students attend and present papers at 
regional conferences. 

- 96 - 

Top Left: Melissa Horr, Christina Clarke, and 
Andrea Johnson pose for a picture after one of 
the Business Forums. 

Bottom Left: Colby DeSilva and Laura Cline 
pose for a picture amidst the excitement of 
meeting current business workers. 

1 8 


f * 


Back Row. L-R: Ryan Calhoun (Vice President), Andrea Johnson (Event Coordinator), Melissa Horr (Admin. Assistant). 
Front Row, L-R: Nichole Fatchaline (Publicity), Allison Nowland (Finance), Laura Bragg (President). 

The Business Society exists to help students network with 
business professionals. This year the society has hosted 
several "Chat with a President" lectures, featuring 
successful business professionals from the greater Boston 
area. The 2007-2008 Business Society Council has truly 
enjoyed sponsoring events for the students of ENC. 

-97 - 

Top Right: Catarina Sophia Semedo 
(Administrative Assistant) and Connie Slocum 
(Finance) take a moment to capture some 
memories from Shrader Club. 

Bottom Right: Some of the guys of Shrader 
Club, Joshua Burley, Jesse Mix, and Paul 
Haynes, relax together after a meeting. 

The members of Shrader Club fluctuate and change often.* 
Above: Vice President Jia He and President Princess DeJesus enjoy some food with fellow Shrader Club members. 

Shrader Club is made up of students who are mainly science 
majors. The club's purpose is to bring together the science 
community of the college to discuss topics relevant to 
scientific discovery. Shrader Club also brings in various 
speakers to give lectures on important scientific topics of 
interest to the ENC community and student body. 


Top Left: President Paul Aliotta and Vice 
President Izirlei Guimaraes do a little "studying" 
before their next PEC meeting. 

Bottom Left: Andrew Hill works out some 
physics equations to baffle his fellow students. 

Back Row. L-R: Andrew Hill, Jonathan Ardrey. Izirlei Guimaraes (Vice President), Joseph Burley, Jon Salisbury. 
Front Row. L-R: Matthew Woodley, Nathaniel Sager. Paul Aliotta (President), David Restrick. 

The Physics and Engineering Club exists for ENC students 
with an interest in Physics and Engineering so that they may 
gather and discuss their common interests. They host various 
on campus events and attend various lectures and events in 



r Top Right: Hannah Rauchfuss gives Melissa 
Douglas a noogie as a token of their friendship. 

Bottom Right: Jillian Barrett and Laura Cline 
put their funny faces on for the camera. 

L-R: Hannah Rauchfuss, Melissa Douglas, Jillian Barrett (President), Laura Cline. 

SASW stands for Student Association of Social Workers. 
SASW is made up of social work majors who want to pursue 
their major in areas outside of the classroom. SASW has 
various events throughout the year which are open to the 

- 100 - 

Top Left: Erin Crosby and Leanne Ringuis study 
some psychology together. 

Bottom Left: Professor Massey discusses cases 
with the rest of the members of Psi Chi. 

L-R: Ryan Calhoun. Sarah Campbell, Leanne Ringuis, Erin Crosby. 



Psi Chi is the National Honor Society in Psychology, 
founded in 1929 for the purposes of encouraging, 
stimulating, and maintaining excellence in scholarship, and 
advancing the science of psychology. Membership is open to 
graduate and undergraduate men and women who are 
making the study of psychology one of their major 
interests, and who meet the minimum qualifications. Psi Chi 
is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies 
and is an affiliate of the American Psychological Association 
(APA) and the Association for Psychological Science (APS). 

- 101 - 

Top Right: Theresa Birmingham gives a massage 
at the Women of Grace's Reverse Roles Night 

Bottom Right: Sara Miller and Jasmine Smith 
battle it out in a video game at the Women of 
Grace's Reverse Roles Night. 

L-R: Sarah Musk, Theresa Birmingham (President), Stacey Senat, Rebekah Guevara, Marilena Argueta 

Women of G.R.A.C.E. (God, Relationships, Awareness, 
Compassion, Empowerment) is a women's group that seeks 
to educate and encourage women. Our group's goal is to 
empower the women of campus to reach their goals in life, 
and to grow as strong, passionate and capable Women of 
God. We believe in the equality of men and women, and 
promote healthy and educational experiences that allow for 
both sexes to share their feelings on issues ranging from 
sexuality to exploitation to eating disorders. Our most 
important goal is to serve God as strong women. 

- 102 - 

Top Left: Preston Graveline. Jared Lewis, and Jeff 
Kustra perform a powerful skit on one of JUMP's tours. 

Bottom Left: JUMP members Preston Graveline and 
Jolene Jeffrey rehearse a skit to be performed on their 
next tour. 

Back Row. L-R: Jeff Kustra. Preston Graveline (President), Dan Rivera, Joe Claudel. 
Second Row. L-R: Joline Jeffrey (Co-Leader), Laura DeCastro, Emily Prugh, Emily Colwell, Gloria Patten, Jared Lewis. 
Front Row. L-R: Lori Soares. Jennifer Wilderman, Kerri Mills (Co-Leader), Nadine Sa. 


JUMP Drama Ministry is a group of people of actors, 
singers, or even premed students who have a love for drama 
and a love for God. We travel to churches and schools and 
minister to them through skits and dramatic readings. This 
year, our most memorable trip was our trip to Maryland, 
Delaware and Pennsylvania. God worked through us that 
weekend in so many ways. We are truly a family at JUMP. 

■ 103 - 

Top Right: Co-Leaders Matt Woodley and 
Joshua Burley prepare sandwiches to hand 
out in Boston with Carissa Schutz and Jeremy 


Bottom Right: Andrew Leman, Edward Hardter 
and Josh Burley pause in the park to pray with a 
man who has been living on the streets. 

*Open Hand, Open Heart goes into Boston multiple times on weekends and has no membership system 
Co-Leaders: Matthew Woodley and Joshua Burley. 

Open Hand Open Heart is an outreach ministry for the 
homeless in Boston. We believe that God loves us even 
though we do not deserve it. Because of this, we love others 
even though most would say they do not deserve it. Twice 
every Saturday we meet in the Dugout to make sandwiches 
and walk to the T with food, orange juice, clothes, and 
blankets to reach the needy in Boston. We do this because we 
also believe that Jesus cares for our physical needs as well as 
our spiritual needs. 

- 104 - 

Prayer Warriors is a group committed to praying for ENC 
and the requests that come to them from the student body. 
It is a time to lift each other up in prayer and focus on what 
God can do in our lives. 

- 105 - 

Qkx Qlub 

The Ski Team participates in intercollegiate 
competition against such elite programs as 
Yale. It is a racing team and members race 
both slalom and giant slalom. They are in 
the McBrine Division of the USCSA (United 
States Collegiate Ski Association). Members 
raced at several ski areas throughout New 
Hampshire and Vermont on weekends all 
winter. The Ski Club had a fairly good season 
for such a small team. 

Left: Jack Sahlman. 
Right: Ryan Calhoun. 

Far Right: Ryan Calhoun puts on his gear to prepare for a race 
Right: Jack Sahlman enjoys some down time between ski races 


Substitute Mentors is a ministry for students 
and faculty to share in fellowship outside the 
classroom. Paired together by choice, one 
faculty and one student choose a meeting 
day regularly to talk about anything that is 
going on in the student's life and the facul- 
ty's as well. A great time for sharing, advice 
and perspective on life, for the student it's 
from someone who has already experienced 
college, and for faculty, it's to remember a 
youthful perspective on life. 

Back Row. L-R: Allison Peters (Co-Leader), Laura 
(Faculty member). 

(Co-Leader), Lora Wooster 

Far Left: Allison Peters and Laura Bragg share in fellowship with a faculty mentor. 
Left: Lora Wooster enjoys spending time with her paired students. 

Top Right: Jordan Corbin looks over SGA 
proceedings to ensure that things continue to 
run smoothly. 

Bottom Right: ARB Chair Javier Roche makes 
notes on the latest student government 

L-R: Javier Roche (Chair), Jordan Corbin. 

The ARB works toward maintaining the accountability of 
council members on a monthly basis. The Board consists of 
members of different classes who meet at an established time 
each month to review class councils, commuter councils and 
executive council members of ENC. These meetings act as a 
time for the board to review each councils' monthly records, 
goals, and events. The ARB board also discusses concerns 
resulting from the review of these councils and its members. 

- 108 ■ 

Top Left: Publication Editors Cara Pasik, 
Christina Chestna, and Hilary Gallagher take 
some time out together away from their offices. 

Bottom Left: Publication's Board Chair Magon 
Parent joining in the fun with some of the guys: 
Patrick Lane, Lionel Latouche, Benjamin 
Chapman, and Davey Edmonds 



Back Row, L-R: Patrick Lane, Lionel Latouche, Benjamin Chapman, Davey Edmonds, Marie Castro. 
Front Row, L-R: Christina Chestna, Magon Parent (Chair), Cara Pasik, Hilary Gallagher. 

The purpose of the ENC Publications Board is to provide the 
necessary leadership to ensure strength and continuity for the 
college's official student publications, the Campus Camera 
and the Nautilus. In fulfilling this purpose, the Publications 
Board will serve in the following general capacities: (1) 
Ensure reasonable standards of quality are maintained by 
each publication, (2) provide support and guidance to editors 
and staff members in dealing with issues related to the 
operation of the publication, and (3) select strong leaders to 
serve as editors for the student publications. 


■ 109 - 

WAM is a time for students to get together 
and unwind. They can eat some free food, 
hear some great music and preaching and be 
free to worship God in whatever way is best. 
WAM is another opportunity for community 
to happen, and this year we have done just 

*WAM is coordinated by Philip Nase and holds a worship event about once a month 
for all students and community members to attend.* 

Far Right: Lindell Pascall and Lora Wooster share in a laugh during a WAM event. 
Right: Michael Kennedy listens well to the worship music being performed. 

The Plunge is basically a movie ministry 
that meets on Wednesday nights to watch 
old Twilight Zone episodes and discuss how 
they relate to our faith. There is also a time 
for prayer requests and discussion within the 
group. We call Shrader Lecture home. 

Back Row. L-R: Rebecca Stonelake and Hillary Greene. 
2nd Row. L-R: Kevin Busker and Cameron Doane. 
3rd Row. L-R: Ruthanne Debaise and Gloria Patten. 
Front Row. L-R: Cameron Doane and Andy Dumas. 

Far Left: Gloria Patten and Ruthanne Debaise share a laugh during The Plunge. 

Left: Tennyson and Cameron Doane collaborate on topics before the evening's 
Plunge begins. 

business Chinese 

Mandarin Chinese is the most spoken 
language in the world. This introductory 
class and organization are a great way to get 
a "taste" of the Chinese culture and language. 
We focus on basic Mandarin conversations 
and explore traditional Chinese culture 
through activities to enrich understanding of 
the people and their origins. 

LJL Laura-Beth Fitzpatrick. Rachael Iezenburg, Ji Li Noiseux, Zack Zotos. 
Francisca Stenbuck. 

Far Right: Business Chinese members pause for a photo after going on a cultural 

excursion in Boston 

Right: Rachael Iezenburg enjoys some time with the Business Chinese club on their 

trip to China Town. 

^ 1 


-IIS stands for Helping In Secret. This 
ninistry is built for students who need a 
lexible schedule and who want to do a 
variety of ministries. It is a way for students 
o discover what kind of ministry they really 
vant to do. Each week, the student is 
ssigned a new ministry project by 
nonymous means. It is for those who want 
o work quietly and in a variety of areas for 
he Kingdom of God. 

♦There are various members of HIS. However, since HIS does require helping in 
secret, the members of HIS will remain anonymous.* 

Far Left: Members of HIS could be sitting next to you or living on your floor. Don't 
worry - this isn't a creepy thing. They're just out there to givw you a helping hand 
and brighten your day! 

Left: HIS members give of their time to help you. 

■ 111 - 

Top Right: Marie Bellegarde and Naomi Vilfort 
make a few faces at the camera. 

Bottom Right: Commuters share a breakfast 
together as part of Commuter Appreciation 


Back Row, L-R: Toni Taylor (Vice President), Marie Bellegarde, Naomi Vilfort (President), Tanya Raphael. 

The Commuter Council has been out of commission for a 
while, but this year it has been up and running. The 
Council offers commuters the opportunity to voice their 
opinions about campus matters and the role that commuters 
play on our campus. Commuters can get to know each other, 
participate in organized events, such as the Commuter 
Breakfast and bowling, and work towards their goal of being 
recognized on campus. 

- 112 - 

Top Left: Greg Lanham relaxes at an Eco-Serve 

Bottom Left: Laura-Beth Fitzpatrick and Sarah 
Oliver laugh at a joke shared by a fellow 
Eco-Serve member. 

L-R: Sam Plouffe. Laura-Beth Fitzpatrick, Holly Provencher. Sarah Oliver (President). Chelsea LeFavor, Christina Pinkerton. 

Eco-Serve is about providing opportunities, to those who 
want them, to live green lives locally or take environmental 
action globally. Eco-Serve's focus this year has included 
talking about how to implement ecologically forward 
practices on campus and assisting the recycling program at 
ENC. Anyone who has an idea or desire to act on behalf 
of the environment can be provided with a network here. 
Whether you just want to talk or if you have a mission of 
your own, Eco-Serve is here for the environmental issues of 

- 113- 


Top Right: After a hard days work with SSJ 
business, Leif Mieras takes a snooze while 
Cameron Young poses for the camera. 

Bottom Right: Miria Calvacanti and Lauren 
Emery participate in an SSJ discussion. 

Back Row. L-R: Greg Lanham (Co-Chancellor), Bryan Campbell (Co-Chancellor), Jesse Mix. 
Middle Row. L-R: Lauren Emery, Ashley Jardim, Amanda Fish, Jennifer Lopez. 
Front Row. L-R: Miria Calvacanti, Sarah Campbell, Leif Mieras, Jonathan Youngman. 

Students for Social Justice is an awareness group recognizing 
the need for social change. In collaboration with other groups 
on campus, we strive to bring awareness to pressing social, 
environmental and economic issues of our day. This year we 
have specifically focused our energy towards campus-wide 
environmental efforts. We believe in thinking globally, living 
locally and bringing the gospel to life. 

• 114- 

Top Left: Anne Reilly snaps a photo with one of 
her favorite kids. 

Bottom Left: Michael Kennedy and Anne Reilly 
spend quality time with" the children of Kids 
Club weekly. 

Front Row. L-R: Anne Reilly, Beth Klopfer, Michael Kennedy. 

Kids' Club is a ministry of the Bethel Church of the 
Nazarene to the underprivileged children in the 
Germantown neighborhood of Quincy. Once a week 
members of the church and ENC student volunteers lead 
activities, from songs and skits to games and crafts. By 
doing so we hope to introduce children to the love and grace 
of Christ. 

- 115- 



Top Right: Aubrey Figuera, Sarah Blake, and 
Rebecca Lewis relax in the sun after finishing 
their walk against aids. 

Bottom Right: The ladies of STAND pose for a 
picture before heading out to walk. 

Front Row. L-R: Alicia Tremontozzi, Aubrey Figuera (Co-Leader), Sarah Blake, Rebecca Lewis (Co-Leader), Christina 


STAND is an acronym for Students Taking Aids 
kNeeling Down. STAND is a ministry of awareness and 
action. STAND keeps ENC informed and accountable 
concerning the AIDS epidemic around the world. Through 
special events and fundraisers, STAND reaches out with 
Christ's love to those affected by HIV/AIDS. 

- 116 - 

Top Left: Members of Phi Alpha Theta pose 
with one of their advisors. 

Bottom Left: Senior Phi Alpha Theta members 
Emily Dunham, Matt LeBlanc, and Anne Reilly 
receive their cords for graduation. 

L-R: Emily Dunham, Cameron Young, Anne Reilly, Matthew LeBlanc. 

Phi Alpha Theta is the History Honors Society, which many 
members of the History Club are a part of. Members of Phi 
Alpha Theta handle much of the events for the History Club 
and receive a distinguishing cord to wear on the day that they 

- 117 ■ 

Guitar (EnsemMe 


Back Row. L-R: J. Alex MacWilliam, Megan Gnoza, Justin Denbow, Diara Rosario, 
Professor Mark Leighton, Shawn Flint. 

The Guitar Ensemble is made up of talente) 
students who enjoy playing guitar. These 
students take time out of their busy schedull 
each week to practice pieces of various style] 
to perform together in annual concerts. The 
Guitar Ensemble also makes an appearance 
at the Madrigals Feast as accompaniment t< 
the Chamber Singers Choir as they perform! 

Far Right: Megan Gnoza and Justin Denbow give a small improv performance after 

one of the Madrigals Feast performances. 

Right: Diara Rosario follows along on her music as Professor Mark leighton plays 
his part in a piece that will be performed in their hext concert. 

^Percussion (Ensemble 

Percussion Ensemble is a fun, creative group 
started by former percussion teacher Tim 
Feeney. The ensemble helps to explore all 
possibilities in the world of percussion, by 
learning and performing pieces of music 
that feature unique timbre and rhythm. The 
group is slowly gaining popularity and its 
members consider it a challenging and fun 
learning experience. 



L-R: Alex Hardy, Erin Prendergast, Justin Pearl. 


Far Left: Erin Prendergast stops to smile amidst keeping the beat at rehearsal. 
Left: Justin Pearl and Alex Hardy watch their music and keep in beat to a piece 
they will perform at their concert. 

Top Left: The trumpet players practice their 
parts as part of the brass section. 

Bottom Left: Woodwind students learn from 
older, more experienced musicians during 
rehearsals and concerts. 


Back Row. L-R: L. Phil 

Hammerstrom. Stephen Chiavaroli. Matthew Hoover. Allison Vesey, Ashley 
Front Row. L-R: Bry an Logue. Jared Lewis. Paul Aliotta. 

The Symphonic Wind Ensemble rehearses once a week for a 
May concert and the various musical talents of its members 
are highlighted at the end of the year in a performance at 

- 119 - 

Top Right: Members of the choir look on as 
their director and friend, Michael Payne, speaks 
about their next song. 

Bottom Right: Alto members worship freely 
through the song they are singing. 


9 ?. 

*The ENC Gospel Choir is made up of more than 50 students who spend their free time worshipping and praising God. 
bringing their joy with them as they perform concerts for various churches, youth groups, and other venues.* 

The ENC Gospel Choir is a ministry that serves through 
music. We have made it out mission this year to not only be a 
musical performance group, but to be a service to others. 
Through our songs, our voices and the instruments we play, 
we strive to show others the love and freedom that Christ 
gives us daily. 

- 120 ■ 

Top Left: Choral Union performing Handel's 
Messiah, an annual tradition. 

Bottom Left: Community members join 
students to create the choir. 

> »: *- Ji> K3Ss- — 
~ : i*/ * /*" • X 

*ENC's Choral Union is made up of over 50 students and community members who gather once a week to rehearse sequential 
pieces of music such as Handel's Messiah that will be performed before the community.* 

Choral Union is a musical group on campus that expresses 
love of God through worship in song. 

- 121 - 


Top Right: Proferror Timothy Shetler directs 
each member to use his or her individual, 
God-given voice. 
Bottom Right: A few members of the choir 
group together on their kick-off tour to Cape 
Cod for a photo. 

*ENC's A Cappella Choir is made up of more than 50 students who give 3 hours of their time per week to singing. Each year, 
the choir goes on four tours to different churches from Maine to Pennsylvania. Every rehearsal and concert prepares the stu- 
dents for their performance at Jordan Hall, a classical performance hall in Boston.* 

A Cappella Choir is a singing and ministry group open to all 
students. The choir seeks to grow spiritually and musically 
through rehearsals and devotions as a group as well as 
leading services at various churches. The choir's hard work 
and passion for music all culminates in the end-of-the-year 
performance at Jordan Hall in Boston. 

- 122 - 



Tod Left: Colleen Gaine, Erica McGrath, 
Brandon Pillsbury, and Rachael Neri sing along 
in candle-light at the annual Madrigals Feast. 

Bottom Left: Paul Sapp. Angela Richardson, 
and David Restrick play their parts well at the 
Mardigals Feast. 


Back Row, L-R: Bryan Logue. Andrew Messenger. David Restrick. Jcremv Belts. 
Third Row, L-R: Julie Andrews. Angela Richardson. Hannah Ford. Shawn Cola. Sarah Good. Erica McGrath, Brandon Pillsbury 
Second Row, L-R: Junior Guimaraes. Bryan Killen. Katelyn Crouse. Rachael Neri. Emily Marascia. Colleen Gaine, Prof. Timothy Shetler 

Front Row: Paul Sapp 

( I 

Chamber Singers is an extension of A Cappella Choir. 
Members of Chamber Singers take part in various activities 
and ministries outside of the ENC campus including an 
annual Madrigals Feast and a bi-annual international tour 
over the course of the January Term. 

- 123 - 

Top Right: Jared Lewis, Bryan Logue, Jonathan 
Ardrey, Christina Ardrey, and Andrew Hill 
practice a piece" for performance. 

Bottom Right: Sarah Troxler works her magic 
on the piano during a rehearsal. 

T . ■ m r 

W> 7 1 


07 ' 



Back Row. L-R: Philip Oliver, Jared Lewis, Ben Thompson, Jonathan Ardrey, Richard Valanzola, Zachary Zotos. 
Front Row. L-R: Bryan Logue, Christina Ardrey, Sarah Troxler, Andrew Hill, Paul Guevara. 

The 4 O'Clock Jazz Band, with no surprise, meets at 4 
o'clock every Wednesday afternoon under the direction of 
Steve Bell. Every year the group is a little different, being 
made up of ENC students as well as community members 
and high school students. This dynamic creates a wonderful 
environment for learning to play many styles of Jazz and Big 
Band music; Jazz is one of those things that gets passed down 
from experienced musicians to newer players. ENC's jazz 
program does just that and it has made this year a great one, 
setting us up to be better and better each year that comes. 

- 124 ■ 


Cfu6 & Organisation CandMs 









- 125 - 

<J)o what you fow. 

While coming up with our own fun aroun^ campus is always an 
exciting adventure, it is great to have big events that include the entire 
student body sponsored and planned for us. 

Social Life events are always unique, tons of fun, and certainly 
memorable. We get to see each other outside of class, being relaxed, 
and often times acting like fools - for instance, singing at the Lip Sync, 
doing something silly (like chugging root beer or riding a mechanical 
bull), or letting loose that inner child loose by sliding on a slip n' slide 
wearing black garbage bags. Then there is always plenty of good food 
and entertainment, and who could forget free T-shirts? 

Social Life events are great demonstrations of the fun-loving kind of 
people we are here at ENC and of the life and energy that we have - if 
not for classes than for fun activities! 

• 129- 

c Welcomc 

Each year the SGA welcomes us all back to campus with 
Welcome Week, an event-packed week that gets 
everyone out of their dorm rooms into social gatherings 
full of laughter and fun. The theme of the 2007 Welcome 
Week was Ridin' High - a complete western extravaganza! 
Highlights included the Rootbeer Fest, a Drive-in Movie 
Night, and a wonderful Western Cookout out on Wolly 
Lawn, complete with a bull riding ring, bails of hay, and a 

Chance to lasSO a calf (metal, Of course). Reminiscence 

- 131 - 

Star Search provides the perfect opportunity for all of our 
very talented members of the student body to share their 
talents with the rest of us. ENC's bravest talent assumed 
their positions on the stage in the student center 
individually and provided the audience with quite the 
mixture of performances. From juggling, to crazy guitar 
playing, Star Search was a delight for all in attendance. 


' - 133 - 


Flag Football is always a great way to cram in some 
outdoor athletic activity before the winter months sneak 
up on us. Students form teams and sign up with SGA and 
then the games begin. Always action packed, these games 
turn out lots of sporting fun and a whole gamut of 
injuries. This year, there were no eyebrow rings torn out 
and the broken bones were kept to a minimum. All in all 
the flag football season was a success and, as usual, tons 

On fun. Reminiscence 

- 135 - 



The ladies get in on the flag football action as well. They 
form teams and definitely dominate the guys when it 
comes to color coordination between teammates. They 
also work tirelessly, training to be their best. The games 
are exciting and competitive and they are enjoyed by all 
who attend. 

- 137 ■ 

Big Sis/Lil Sis is a wonderful opportunity for freshmen 
girls to get to know the upperclassmen girls. It all begins 
when upperclassmen girls choose little sisters from 
the freshman class to secretly encourage. Big sisters leave 
the assigned little sisters little notes and gifts in their 
mailboxes over the course of a few weeks, and this all 
culminates into a big event, where the big sisters 
introduce themselves to their little sisters and have an 
evening of socialization and fun. 


ittfc gister 


^^^^ tog gjgrj 

* # 

i fen 

( Who ^nows You cgcst 

i . n 

A spin-off on the classic "Roomately Wed" game of years 
past, this live gameshow-like event tested the knowledge 
of couples and roommates about eachother. Humorous 
rounds of questioning and dynamics between partners 
made this event exciting and hilarious to watch. 

- 139 - 

ENC's version of a Halloween party, this event held in 
Spange Parlor was a great opportunity to put on a 
Halloween costume and get loads of free candy - minus 
the whole Trick or Treat deal. A "best costume" contest 
promised some pretty great prizes and, of course, this 
year's winner was the Carpet Monster! 


. - 141 ■ 

■ ^ 4U 


Homecoming is always an exciting event in the fall at 
ENC. With alums returning to visit, the campus comes 
alive with people and events. This year class councils 
raised money at the Street Fair and there were plenty of 
fun activities and good food to enjoy. A new homecoming 
court and king and queen were elected (congratulations, 
Katy Crouse and Jesse Mix), and the Homecoming 
Banquet was a great success, with a beautiful Parisian 
theme, complete with a glowing Eiffel Tower. Reminiscence 

- 143 - 

,^MM j j ' He v 


■ ■ j . w 4k 

V . 

Once again this year the Battle of the Bands was a 
rockin' good time. A line up of ENC's musical talent 
provided an entertaining night of music from various 
genres as bands played and sang their hearts out in hopes 
of coming out on top. This year's winners were the Salty 
Peeps! Congratulations! 

■ 145 - 




tri. * s 

By far the best in years, the '07-'08 Midnight Madness event was all 
about high-charged energy from the fans, a special dance 
performance by the basketball players, and a battle of the societies 
to reign as the society with the most school spirit. Fans showed up 
adorned in red, white, and black from head to toe, and who could 
forget about all of that face paint, the gorilla, the Carpet Monster, 
and that freshman dressed as a banana... 

- 147 - 

Qhariic (grown 

Who doesn't love the Peanuts gang? Now add ENC's theatre 
department and some very talented actors and actresses, Cove 
auditorium, and of course, very creative costumes, and you've got 
ENC's fall musical. Originally performed at ENC years ago, with 
some of our very own professors taking the stage, Charlie Brown 
made another appearance this fall and was a huge hit! 

. 149- 

3'cT crm c B c, s(cct6aff 



1 *■ 

In the midst of January, and the ease of taking just one 
class a day, Jterm basketball provided an opportunity to 
get those who are more athletically inclined to get on the 
basketball court, and those who support themto get their 
behinds on the bleachers cheering them on. With teams 
like Red and Black Attack, Championship, and Fire on 
the court, the gym came to life for some great girls' and 
guys' basketball. 

- 151 - 

./if*./ >'•• 


i - 



LJ ^ 


Uf" ft* 



ENC's own Delvyn Case completed writing the music for 
his original one act chamber opera, The Prioress' Tale and 
it was performed on January 17th and 19th this year. The 
opera is based loosely on Chaucer's Canterbury Tales: The 
Prioress' Tale. It is considered a dialogue about issues of 
religious tolerance. 

- 153 ■ 

iMJP and 

Yes, the Men were On the Prowl, and yes, the Women 
were Required to Pay, as this year's MOP and TWIRP 
week came around. Per usual, the guys were allowed to 
ask any single lady on campus out for a date with no 
chance of rejection, and the ladies were permitted to ask 
out any single gentleman and treat him to a night out. 

- 155 - 

IKQP and 



*3! r 

oTWciTO Week 

11 "" f 1 ■ I 

if ' • 

Some were more creative than others in their invitations 
to the date, some dates were more pleasant than others, 
but all in all, this of scary, unexpected, andinteresting 
dating experiences were definitely memorable ones. To 
encourage the opposing genders to interact, the SGA 
hosted several events incliding the Stoplight Party, the 
Sweetheart's Banquet, and a splendid Date Auction. 

- 157 - 


A Shayna Maidel is a haunting story of hope and healing 
after WWII. IT focuses on the amazing bond of an im- 
migrant Jewish family after the Holocaust., emphasizing 
that any hardship can be endured if you have loved ones 
beside you - even if only in the heart's memory. 

- 159- 


Every year, ENC gets Spring Fever and the SGA gives us a 
week full of fantastic, exciting events to get us pumped up 
for the spring and summer months. This year's events in- 
cluded a Blow-up Bonanza on the center lawns, a special 
edition of WAM outside on the Spally porch, the 
ever-so-elegant Mr. ENC Competition, a Trashbag 
Slip-n-Slide on Shields' Field, a rockin' concert from Kate 
Brule and Steve Carroll, and the infamous Lip Sync. 

- 161 - 

- A 

/ J 



For many of the events, students, faculty, and their 
children shared some laughs and some great memories 
with one another as they made fools out of themselves all 
throughout the week. It wasn't uncommon to find 
professors battling students in jousting or racing through 
the obstacle course. And, of course, who can forget the 
Twinkie eating contest? 

- 163 • 

from some other Beginning's encf " 

Q wiff never foraet 

ere AViff always be thing, 

memories, we >vtff not Jorcjel 

ememsence is atf afout 



remembering the aood times h 


There are a few people who would 
like to wish you well, congratulate 

At five years of age, you said you were 

smarter than your parents. It seems now 

you are well on your way to proving it! 

We hope you 

We're proud of you, Joseph John 

enjoy these next 


few pages! 

Lots of love, 

Mom & Dad 

Well done, Shelle Belle! 

You have attained another goal with complete grace, 
maturity, and humility. Through laughter, tears, ob- 
stacles, and refinement, you continue to live your life 
in a way that is pleasing to our Lordr Jesus, which is 
inspiring yet challenging to those around you. There 
are simply not enough words to describe how much of 
an encouragement your life has been to our family and 

those closest to you. 
We are extremely blessed and grateful to have you as 
our daughter, and as James' sister. With hopeful antici- 
pation we look forward to watching the next stage of 
your life unfold as beautifully as it has thus far. 
We all love you so much, sweetie; 
you exemplify what true faith is. 

Thank you for being who you are! 

Hebrews 1 1 :1 ; Psalm 29:1 1 ; 
2 Timothy 1:7; Numbers 6:24-26 

You Go Girl!!!! 







Congratulations to 
our son, Nathan 
Magnuson, and our 

soon-to-be daughter- 
in-law, Sarah Guest. 

We are very proud of 
both of you! 

Dad, Mom, Julie, & 




Faith Belyea 

We are proud of you! 

Mom, Dad, Kyle, & Gina 

Congratulations! We love you Gerri! 

From Grammy, all your uncles, aunts, cousins, 
and all other family members! 

Shannon Lee Jones 

From little girl to young lady - it has been a joy to 
watch you grow. We pray you'll continue to "grow in 
grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus 
Christ." (II Peter 3:18) 

We love you very much! 
Mom & Dad 

To our 
Kerri Mills 

and the 
entire class 
of 2008 

We are very 
proud of you 
and your hard 
work at ENC! 


We are blessed to have watched you grow in Christ. 



Your church family at 
Blue Hill Gospel Chapel 

"Trust in the LORD with all your heart and all your soul and all your mind and all your strength. '' 

Proverbs 3:5 


You have done well! It was our pleasure watching you matriculate from girly hair- 
braids to high-heels, and pre-school to college. We are proud of you and your 
tenacious determination to succeed; just continue to trust God and may your life's 

decision be guided by: 

Prov. 16:3 "Commit to the LORD whatever you do, 
and your plans will succeed." 

Congratulations to our daughter 

Katrina Gauthie$ 

We are so proud of you. 
Trust in God from the bottom of your heart; don 't try to 
figure everything out on your own. 
Mom & Dad 

Our Love, 
Bro. Herb & Goddie "J" 

Christian Corey 

We are very proud of you! 

Mom & Dad 

Nichole S. Fatchaline 

We're so proud of you and are excited 
for your future! 


Dad, Tiffany, and Travis 
Ps. 37:4 

"For I know the plans I have for you, " declares 
the Lord. "Plans to prosper you and not harm 
you, plans to give you a hope and a future. " 
--Jeremiah 29:11 


We love you and we are very proud of you. 
Mom, Dad, and Michael 

to our Gerri! 

We are all proud of you! 

-From your parents, siblings 
and their spouses. 

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the 
Lord. "Plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans 
to give you a hope and a future." —Jeremiah 29:11 

Congratulations A Hie! 

We have watched you grow and are so happy for you and the lovely Christian 

woman you have become. 

Love always, 
Mom. Dad. and Kay la 

What do&wJt hCLb u& make* u& tfrortger. 

- I-'ricdrich Nietzsche 

\ y \ \ I 

" W& cur& iurviA/ory Wt arc resilient. Within us is great strength, an ability to overcome ami u> 
endure, From pain w e never deserved, we build nails in hold in our secrets. Secrets that seem too 
difficult to fact- head-on Seen- is u e fear if shared will only bring inure (hi in You have a choice anti 
\h>u have a mice. Keep vourj^ecrel locked up within your walls forever, or use ytnir strength and 
courage to break the silence ami allow the truth to set yon free. " - N.B.B. 

Nina, wo are so proud of you and your ability to rise above the obstacles in your life. 

You are our hero. 
Love, Mom and Colby 

(Editors' (Paae 

Working on the 2008 Nautilus yearbook has been a truly 
rewarding experience for me. It has been an honor to be 
involved in such a big part of ENC; after-all. it is within this 
simple book that we archive our memories ofour precious 
college days. Being able to work with such amazing 
members of our school community has taught me so much 
about what can be accomplished with determination and 
dreams for the future. Thank you to my creatively brilliant, 
hardworking co-editor, Hil, and to Justin and all of my 
friends for their support from the beginning through to the 
completion of this year's book. I hope that everyone enjoys 
our masterpiece of the memories of 2008! 

-Christina Qhcstna- 


There's only one reason this yearbook stands 100% complete 
before you: friendship. Whether it be the friendships that the 
small campus and community that ENC inspires or the people 
who were there to make me laugh, to listen to me cry. or o just 
let me chill, this book would not exist without you all! 

Magon- / hope you know that I wouldn't even be interested in 
yearbook if it hadn't been for you and Katie in high school. 
This is all thanks to you. Roommates- Don 't ever let me or 
my words fool you: I love you both and wouldn't have wanted 
any other roommates for this year. Erica & Marie- I 'm so glad 
you both were just a few stairs away this year. You both have 
taught me a lot. Rita- I'm so glad we got closer this year, and 
since I'm writing this without knowing if you're leaving me. I 
love you either way! Chelsea & Kayla- Thanks for w elcoming 
me into your lives so readily. It's so nice to find an escape with 
you all on the 4th floor! Katy- So you left for Romania, but I 
won 't forget your encouraging words in the office. They meant 
a lot! Andrew- Thanks for always being there when I needed 
you. I fill-in-the-blank you. Jon- Every now and then when you 
would poke your head into the office, it was always just w hen I 
needed it. Thanks. Christina- It was tough figuring out w hat to 
do this year, but I wouldn 7 have wanted any other co-editor to 
go through it with! And, of course, to anyone not mentioned. 
thank you all for being such wonderful friends, and if I had 
more space, you ALL would be in here! 

^Hifary Gaffagficr- 

Creative Director